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It are in different states. So we've got wisconsin. We've got molly in wisconsin. Who i always say she is like just the most amazing person she is. I shouldn't tell you her age but she is. She's older and she works at a hospital Babysitting not kids but babysitting people. Who need that extra set of eyes on them. And she's in wisconsin. So she's not so far from me. And there's barb who i adore who's been a An accountability partner of mine for years. And she's in chicago. So i actually get to see her. Some and stephanie's is our president. She's in new jersey and she is one of the most driven people in the world and kendra is our photographer who take a look at our website. She adds in amazing photographer but she also does our social media. I mean everybody is putting in so much to this in. Everybody feels like everyone else is doing more than them. So i guess i guess good but Really i've never been with a harder working group of people in my life so in like three months you launched an entirely new business. I think you had something like a thousand. Facebook likes on union group or something. Yeah we're over thousand followers on our facebook business page. Our first day that the website was up. We at twenty five hundred hits incredible good. We were pretty exciting because you know we were coming out of a completely different space in turning around to do something new so i know when when the cook was closed its doors you were in the process of looking and you had found something but you couldn't share with anybody because it just wasn't officially ad hominem then you started sharing little tidbits of information people started to get curious and there were a couple of companies that join you in particular knicks. Doc treats right. Can you share a little backstory mic. And how look even if he was able to help him well nick and his mom jennifer were very. First people to sign up molly they. I don't know that they live real close to molly but they live sort of close. She's the one who found them and Day just molly jennifer connected instantly after knowing both of them now. It's hard to not connect with either of them instantly but nick has cerebral palsy in. He was a senior in high school in jennifer. Knew that you know there weren't a whole lot of opportunities for him out. There and his dream was to start a company that he could employ other kids. Who have special needs or disabilities that He could give them a good place to work. So they make dog treats and they. They're so sweet. The first thing they did the first thing jennifer did was find a cookie cutter shaped like a fish. So it would be perfect for liffey biffi So they make all the trades in you know. I really feel like we've sort of become part of the family with them. We got extra knicks graduation and his prior And You know family vacation pictures we seen. I'm actually doing cerebral palsy. Walk the jennifer asked if anyone wanted to join her on for the month of july. You're supposed to walk thirty three miles. So yeah i feel like we get really close and have a good relationship with all of our vendors. Do you have any of the doctorates you have dogs..

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