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Was visiting Israel. And he said out loud into a microphone that he thinks Donald Trump is just like Queen Esther from the bible, the book of Esther. Trump clothes back on. Now. You heard Mikey? I thought he was going to be singing. Bye bye bye. As part of the beauty contest. Yeah. Absolutely. Here's a quick background on the Queen Esther story for context. It was around four seventy BC Zirk sees the I was thinking of Persia and he threw big party. And he told his Queen Queen varsity to come out, and you know, be hotter than everyone else's wife. So I look good. But she didn't feel like it. 'cause obviously that's noxious. So he banished her forever. Obviously that man it was time for a beauty contest to pick a new Queen which was won by Esther so spot on Donald Trump so far. Remind me when did Cirque sees cheat on his wife with a porn star right after she gave birth to on. I'm just trying to. This easy to think of something about our president. That makes him look bad in comparison to Cirque. Fuck. So eventually ester found out about a plot to have all the Jewish people in Persia get exterminated because some Persian Nazi advisor desert. Sees was like, hey, how should we pick a genocide since we have to pick one I know cast some lots so through some rocks on the ground, and they spelled out kill the funny ones with the money. I guess they always do. They always. The rocks are interesting, but Esther found out about the plot. She told her people to fast and pray and then she managed to talk the king into killing the Nazi guy instead of doing the genocide, and then the Jewish people lived happily ever after forever and ever Middle Eastern Europe. Because of all the great prang and other beloved minority here in the United States to one of down. Trump's best son-in-law's is Jewish and his daughter birth. Some amazing Jewish babies don't Trump is the ester of twenty nine clearly set our secretary of state's state. It's fifty fifty that at some point he'd had to talk himself out of ordering genocide. So I can see how Pumpido might get there that you're short. So getting back to Mike bump story. He was in Jerusalem, and he decided to do an interview, and he figured the best bet for a news outlet in the country of Israel would be the Christian broadcasting network fucking again, you know, he's an expert in diplomacy job. And during the interview he was asked quote, could it be that President Trump has been sort of raised for such a time as this just like Queen Esther to help save the Jewish people from the Iranian menace. And I gotta soom. This question happened as part of an elaborate wager. Here's the response from palm pale quote as a Christian. I certainly believe that's possible. So good start. I mean that fits after literally any sentence. He continued. We were down in the tunnels where we could see three thousand years ago and two thousand years ago, if I have the history, just right? You absolutely do not. Remarkable history of the faith in this place, and the work that our administrations done to make sure that this Jewish state remains and quote now if I'm correct magic Jews Doug Lea's, bottomless pits to poop into full billion years ago. I am the secretary of state. Tell them about the fun little reenactment village..

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