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She's even seen her live. And I'm sure she's saying what's this one? About the director of twelve years, a slave or the motorcycle guy. On the same name because some people have the same name meal fused, James Smith and James Smith. Oh, yeah. Those two I've met him. They have the same name the same. James because James is James loves you, James can't stand you. Yes. So it's hard talking to James about it. Because James it's all tight one other thing to say, and this is such a travesty truly in two thousand three Paramount Pictures options the song for adult patient into a feature. Honestly, incredible. Honestly, I'm so poor. And this is option feature film guy worked so hard. Still probably have those rights. No, we need to get on that for fifteen years. They're called wrongs. And while was saying wished someone else was hurt. Her feeling my knees. Like feeling the rain, right? So massage gonna play the guests intro backwards. And we'll do the rest. Man. I wonder how many people have tried to jump on that script and found out that the rights were already optioned. Yeah. Well, like, I don't know what's happening because they got David Zabel to adapt it, and then the film was going to focus on two teens from different backgrounds and the social countries, which they find themselves as of April two thousand eight film had been apparently, abandoned or in development, but as April two thousand the film had been made a hundred and five. So therefore, I I would see this just Romeo and Juliet but worse. Yeah. It's kind of like someone they found out about John Hughes, and they're like shoot. A lot ready. Someone woke up from like a thirty year. Coma. Heard the song was like, that's it. You know, it opened with. He's just a boy, she's just a girl, and I will say more around we can. The more obvious. He punk her. Well, she dispel a a working like in a Shrek type environment. What do you mean? Like laugh. Dreamworks cartoon, and it's about a green ogre. Okay. I skateboard Shrek energy. One big trick energy. BSE corn spoken. BSE? And is this what more is I think? So. Okay. Last thing I'll say. Who's the dunking in my version? Well, it's gonna be like a rag tag like it's a yes, like unknown. Eddie Murphy was the Hertzel. I think it's got to be. Are you talking about the character feel like? Feeling okay. Is it is it a friend? Or is it the skater boys ally To to be hurting be hurt? the skater Shrek has to be the skater. Boy. Okay. So then donkey skater boys friend. I mean, honestly, I think it's still Eddie Murphy could be at Murphy. I'm thinking like. Like a. I was gonna say Jason Alexander. And I was like I don't know what I'm thinking. Cool high schoolers. We're going back in time. This doesn't four right that when he was a sprightly young. Boy, exactly. I think Brenton Frazier. That's the last. Good Jason Alexander. And that was too old. And you want Brennan Frazier. Brennan, Fraser still seems kind of like always plays at least dumb adult..

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