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The WGN radio newsroom. And these are the stories that matter on seven twenty WGN. Keep playing roads is one of those songs. I know I can't do it. We're not gonna DJ just do the talking stuff. You are listening to the Patti Vasquez show. We are live in the AllState skyline studios. And we encourage you to join our conversation anytime three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred I've got some really fun stuff to talk about with John Katie one of our favorite guests. And if you've been coming on the show for five years, I think. I. Right. You you had a show at second city. Also be alive show spend five. Yeah. You're doing a live show producer, Dan long found you we promoting the event, and I you and I had a great conversation. I didn't want you to leave. And so you've been kind of. This is I know I say this often to you. But it's just been one of the best parts of Chicago experience was so magical to strike that relationship with you. So soon after I got here the feel like, oh, hey, I can be on the radio. I love it. That's great to hear the listeners are pretty good. Yeah. When I interviewed with the former programming director Bill white came in. I was so nervous because it's WGN radio. I grew up on Wally Phillips, and ROY Leonard and Bobby Collins became friends somehow Cochran because we were both comics. So one of the things I said was listening to show for so long, especially like, Kathy and Judy obviously, a big influence on me was that the biggest asset WGN radio has our listeners. That's that's really what brings everything together. I love hearing from our listeners their stories their perspectives. You never know what's gonna be that one topic. The generates calls and texts like one night we were talking about drive in movie theaters. And there were so many wonderful memories of people that people have good one, you know, whether it's like when you know being able to go to the drive in in their pajamas, and their parents will let them stay say up until I fell asleep because it was a double feature or some people who would drive along the side of the roads. And like watch the movie for free this great story. Yeah. Yeah. You get sort of America following into the studio here random Erica right now. Yes, we want to know what you're watching. What are you watching right now? Three one new free discovered stuff. That's just come out. I'll tell you what I'm watching right now is this show that I have to give credit to my wife, Anna for discovering killing eve. Oh, yeah. Have you watched any of this? I fifteen minutes because I get a lot of screeners for the Actors Guild awards. I wanna make sure I watch as much of everything as I can. That's what I want to come back to do. The first sampling the thing with the little girl with the ice cream. And she when the when we first meet. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. What's how folks will killing his about killing? You is it a spy thriller. Sandra? Oh plays. This very talented analyst, I guess, you would say in the British intelligence services, and she basically sets up a team to go after this one very mysterious assassin who this woman who is just wreaking havoc with sort of rich. Sort of oligarchs, I guess, you would call them rich businessmen all over Europe. They can't track her. They don't know who she is what she looks like. But we get to see her side of the story as well. And it's that's maybe that part of the story is a little more exciting. And Sandra Oh's sort of her side is the law. It's developing a little more slowly, but I'm into it. And you know, I was talking with Patty during the break about another show that came out recently succession on HBO, and I said to her, you know, Patty, it's a lot of men talking like, they're big men at each other politics is it it finance business and like rich wealthy family. And so it's like the world of the rich and Ben business. But it's just very, man. And look, I'm a man I like men, but what I like about killing eve has it takes a format that has been done a thousand times with all men. The spy thriller and really makes women the centerpiece and they do deliver. So that's on reruns are on BBC, America. That's it's network of origin. But it just popped up on Hulu couple of weeks ago. If you have who Lewis, you can stream the whole thing so far there, and by the way America is texting us three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred we're getting a couple of listeners who are telling us what they're watching from the eight one five orphan black so good. And Karen says she's watching that. I haven't familiar I've read great things about orphan black. I've seen a couple of of orphan black and have liked what I've seen, but I I didn't get deep into it. This is going to be a story with a lot of things. I think Patty, right? Yeah. We've sampled it and we need to get into a well. And here's one that you did not get into which was Ozark on net. Flicks. Patties Alex, I love and a lot of people didn't like the second season as much I believe, my my my fellow host here WGN John Williams did not enjoy the rest of the second season bailed on the season to bail. I think he committed to the end. It's one of those things where like, okay, this has got to get better. You know, I enjoyed it. I love this sorta turns it Lert Linney alert Lenny's care which is just as good second season. I think it's I think it's just as good if I actually love the ending of set the second season, you know, what took a turn for me, Patty, or do we have more tax? Detective on HBO premiered this week. It's hard season. And so if you watched any of your watch you watch Woody Harrelson math McConnell were incredible the second season with Collin Collin with the exactly Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell was Paul Farrell. Yeah. I picture the face right liars. Sorry, Britishers Colin Farrell. I like both seasons. You did. Oh, right. But you love the guy that desert death seem he liked. Yeah. I like both seasons. But I could understand. Why people were surprised the first season was deep south very gritty, very real. The second season was a little more sort of LA LA pulp was the spirit of the second season. The third season goes back to the feel of the first and it stars Mahershala Ali who's who's excellent. But aside from him. I'll just really felt a very by the numbers to me when I was hoping it would make a comeback for me. But I could not let me get into this third season. But you take a look at it because you didn't like Ozark, and I did it. So perhaps I am mistaken the other. So I I love I love the idea of what they do on HBO with a limited series, which obviously is a lot of a lot of networks now and production companies. So. So here is the haunting of hill house. Oh is also great series on. Netflix got real into that. I love love you. Don't like scary. So really do. You don't really do for a lot of people don't, and I made the mistake I love horror, but this one I watched alone. And there was a night where I was. Yeah. I could not go back to bed because I didn't want to walk through my house alone. I had to turn all the lights on. But I didn't wanna wake anybody up. And I wanted someone to hold me. You said you just crawled back to your bed. It was my heart was racing row. Have you watched the hunting of hill house now? No, I haven't I haven't really been into that. I honestly can't get with that kind of thing horror, though, do you can horror story. It's those are my thing. Superstitious in that way. I I understand I actually liked. I liked the couple of seasons of American horror is that's a gruesome series, too, by the way, that's very much. So yeah, that's great. I stopped on the carnival one. I couldn't get into it. It was making me more uncomfortable than I have been previously. The witches were good. I've only gotten the season two. And once I got the season, two hours. Like, this is way too creepy for me. I think I've had enough. I could. Yeah. I I got creeped up too much by the by the carnival conjoined twins and all that another series from the six year five is Bosch on Amazon prime which is a really good series showy about it sorta this tortured cop. I haven't watched all of it. But the actor is wonder if I you know, he was a regular on the good wife every time you're on I talking about. I think the good we always get back to me. Of the good way is really game. We play here Bosh is I think an incredibly well written and well acted series, and that's available on Amazon prime, and it is an LAPD homicide detective works to solve a murder of a thirteen year old boy. But obviously a lot of things happen along the way he sort of Chris got to be dead kids. I'm having trouble with this lately padding maybe that's why start watching too. That's how I might have mentally block his Griffin. This would have been when I was started watching it because it came out at believe several years ago. So a friend of mine, recommended it may know, if the the young boy was in the first season, but the other series someone says, they don't watch they don't watch Netflix. And I think a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed by how many choices you have with streaming? And I don't blame them all so much. It's a lot. Well, let's let absorb that three one eight one seventy two hundred walking out during the break. Maybe it'll be better when we come back. It's the Patti Vasquez show. We're hanging out with John eighty Thursday.

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