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Radio app love. Daddy, bids. They ask where's my daddy? How do you answer that the aunt of? I always fellow toga who was fatally shot by Seattle police. This week says his two young sons are heartbroken is family wants an independent investigation voters approved that idea November. But Seattle's mayor and police chief say the state has not determined which independent body will conduct officer involved shootings and how and the state has a full year to figure that out. In the meantime, SPD is under federal court order to investigate officer involved shootings. Investigators say they have new clues in their search for missing mother. Susan Cox Powell radios Hannah, Scott with the latest Utah cold-case coalition says it's following new leads and plans to reexamine in abandoned mine shaft and Bremner an attorney for Susan's family says investigators believe the last person who knew what happened to Susan in two thousand nine was her father in law Steven Powell, but he died at Tacoma hospital last year without giving cops any details. He took his secrets to his grave, but there's answers out there. Cops believe Stevenson, Josh Powell. Killed Susan ten years ago, then in two thousand twelve killed their two young boys and himself when he said his home in Graham on fire and arrest this week in a twenty six year old cold-case killing of Maryland Hickey and Bremerton detectives say cracked it. When the same suspect DNA was founded her home, and at the nineteen Ninety-four murder of a woman in Boise. Detectives compared notes, and we basically did a detective goldfish where do you have a Bill gelatin? No, do you have a Sam Smith though, you have a Lee Robert Miller. Yes, I do Boise. Cops tailed Miller until he tossed a cigarette that they did a DNA test on and had matched their suspect DNA protest. Organizers say they're suing the city of sea TAC for billing them thirty seven thousand dollars for crowd control at their immigration rally last June. Organizers say the fee will have a chilling effect on free speech. And the Mariners have signed a new pitcher who says he was drawn to the team. Needed done. Left-hander? You say Kukuchi is a three time all star in Japan and your forecast, we're seeing.

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