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9000 Resident deaths, adding close to 6200 new covert 19 cases. Florida Department of Health says that the state is now up to 563,315 confirmed cases. And 9133 resident deaths attributed to Cove it 19 since the outbreak. The new deaths announced this morning include 45 in Miami Dade, 31 in Broward and 10 in Palm Beach County. Monroe County did not report any additional fatalities. Meanwhile, Governor Rondi Santa's is kind of in a good mood about hospital visits. They seem to be falling. When you see that decline, you're going then see the hospital admissions decline, and fortunately, you know the mortality you will decline from there. So that's been the best trend Toe watch, and that's a good trend that we're going to keep looking out. The governor also adds, in fact that CEOs from around the state have told him the same thing. That the trends are positive. The nation's top infectious disease expert, those shutting down the idea that achieving herd immunity is the way past this pandemic. In an Instagram interview with actor Matthew McConaughey, Dr Anthony found, she said, if the virus was allowed to spread to most of the population, the quote death toll would be enormous, he said. That would be unacceptable. So far over 167,000 Americans have died from the virus, even though it's only infected a small percentage of the nation that's Brian shook mornings at noon. More Brian, but next I'm Natalie Rodriguez News Radio 6 10 W Hiring could be challenging, but ZIP Recruiter makes it fast and easy way. Talk to CEO Dylan Miska Wits who needed to hire a director of coffee for his company, Cafe Altera. We would look through lots of applications for people who were not qualified. It definitely felt like we were looking for a needle in a haystack..

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