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Yeah and it's so hard to get point with your counselor in the first place to and that's actually to my next point. I think when a lot of people look at college or or moving forward school they look at the end and they look at the money. Okay if i get this job make this much if i get that job like this much. I've i get this. Yeah and i. And i say because i found myself doing that. I'm like okay like at the beginning. I wanted to get into econ. But i was they. They think they average is about sixty k. A year and i was like. Oh that's all right. I guess whatever not in california so And then. I was focused on that. I try to get things that made more money. Like physical therapy or things like that. I didn't like it so at the end. I realized you're gonna do. What makes you happy. And jose's a ex the perfect example for that. It's like if you have the ambition and the work ethic and you you can make you can be the outlier statistics. Don't list to fail you. How much money you're gonna make with the career you want. Do do a you wanna do and you make the money you wanna do. You just have to put the work in it. And jose of boxing trump the mic. Kelly says because. I remember looking back and i think not being deciding what i wanna do looking at the money. I wish i would've known that. From the beginning i probably would have graduated for years and not six years and probably would have been less debt. Also if i had some guidance counselors suck so again if anyone needs help. I'm more than happy to help in any way i can. There's websites you can go to compare if you're going to grad school there squibb's as you can. If there's resources she makes me want to go to college career..

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