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Right so people are getting paid even air of a trading revenues aren't the greatest in the world outlook we read into with respect to these results as what we could expect a come a fourth quarter earnings from the big wall street banks right exactly 'cause we're always looking through the follow through on jeffries for the larger banks so i think one of the things we want to look at is backed that investment banking feline unfortunately for us um when we try to read through these things jeffries has very different model of course than the bigger banks and the defense firms that they're actually banking in terms of gaining giving deal advice and actually going out and marketing new securities or different than the bigger banks dave mostly focus on what we called middle market firms so the midsize companies they're not really looking as much as these bigger firms which is where you see most of the revenue coming in from the larger wall street banks i understand also that tim brennan who was the coal i said was because sir that's what happened he was the cohead of highyield debt trading he's gone he left he's gone we reported that on my day off on friday i lisa as well so yes he was cohead assets 2015 he was there from what was a lethal credits we i think that's reedus veto yes so he is gone and he had been one of two coheads there um so you know that of course is warning tim sullivan with tim thaw then and that was one of the businesses that jeffries has been known historically to do really well in you know be a big high yield bonds rating shop and any reason any understanding if they're not the focusing on something else or maybe he's going to go do something else well no detailed that we were able to report on that pam by definitely people do come and go at jefferies um as they do other bank while they can make i clearly i will just say this jeffrey is has typically been a middle market firm koa but they have been catering to some bigger affirms they also have had sort of a shift in identity over the years with the.

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