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Thousand satisfied customers since nineteen twenty nine Frederick roofing. Six four five two thousand this is KOMO exports director, Tom Ackerman, and I'm excited to tell you about a special exhibit at the cardinals museum pain, protection and performance. The evolution of baseball equipment presented by Rawlings this exhibit takes you through the history of baseball gear from the eighteen hundreds through today and features over one hundred historic artifacts. I love the cardinals museum, and I know you will too for tickets and info visit cardinals dot com slash museum. That's cardinals dot com slash museum. When you look around you might feel pride is in short supply these days, but Ford has been around for a hundred fifteen years, and we know the only constant is changing we still take pride in what we build we and take pride in taking pride. Because if you don't believe in what you're doing. Why do it at all built Ford crown hurry in for great deals on the all new two thousand nineteen Ford lineup including the stylishly redesigned Ford edge, only at your quality Ford. Dealers proud sponsor of the Saint Louis cardinals. This is John Rooney warehouse. I'm still wearing my Lindbergh eyewear from almost ten years ago. Really almost ten years time flies. I wear house housing Lindbergh living the long life. Did you know that my friends at goodwill are going to celebrate an important birthday this year? That's right. It's their one hundred th anniversary of providing employment services to people with disabilities or disadvantages right here in our by state area. Good world wants to say thank you for supporting them for a century. Your donations will help good will continue their mission of changing lives through the power of work. Give give give goodwill. Oh god. Hello, everybody. I'm John Rooney and water season. Matt carpenter had for the Saint Louis cardinals in two thousand eighteen as he belted a career high thirty six home runs and the best part the true difference..

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