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To keep the government closed for months or years. So is the government ever going to reopen welcomes left right and center, you're civilized, yet provocative antidote to the self contained opinion bubbles that dominate political debate. Josh barrow on today's show John Bresnahan capital bureau chief for politico will join us to discuss how Pelosi built the coalition that made her speaker again, and what she had to promise promised moderates and left us in the process. Mike konczal from the Roosevelt institute will join us to discuss the first major democratic presidential candidate was with Warren and the agenda she'll run on. We'll also look at the fight between President Trump and the Federal Reserve all of that is coming up next on left right and center. We'll be right back. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. President Trump is defending his record after a democratic lawmaker called for his impeachment using an expletive NPR's. Each Rosco has the story. Trump says the comments from congresswoman receipted to leave were disgraceful. Trump argued that his administration has been too successful to justify his removal from office. You can't impeach somebody. That's doing a great job. That's the way I view it to leave. A newly elected democrat has stood by her remarks, which even some Democrats have criticized in an op-ed released before she was sworn into office. She argued that Trump was a threat to the country and had committed numerous impeachable offenses during his press conference Trump once again denied that he was involved with any collusion with the Russian government during the two thousand sixteen campaign Aisha Roscoe NPR news, Washington. There's a battle between congress and President Trump over funding for his proposed border wall continues Trump now says you could use emergency powers to build the wall without lawmakers approval asked the White House press briefing, whether he'd consider declaring a national emergency to build the wall. Trump said he has meanwhile, a meeting between Trump and congressional leaders at the White House again failed to produce a solution. According to Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer pointed out to him,.

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