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Four years after the murders of two girls rock the small town of Delphi, Indiana, investigators may have a new lead. It comes after the arrest of a man in nearby Lafayette, Indiana, 42 year old James Chadwell, who police say was holding a 10 year old girl locked in his basement. Here's NBC's Andrea Fujii. Authorities now say they're looking into whether Chadwell could have killed 13 year old Abby Williams and 14 Year old Libby, German in nearby Delphi, Indiana. Four years ago, the sheriff saying there are several factors. Eating them to look into Chadwell but not elaborating. Police say Libby recorded part of the encounter on her phone, capturing a chilling voice that told the girls to move down a hill. Their bodies found on Valentine's Day at the foot of a hill in the case, and Lafayette Chadwell is facing attempted kidnapping and attempted murder charges. Florida lawmakers approving a ban on transgender athletes participating in girls and women's sports. The band passing after Republicans attached it to a larger charter school bill that needed to pass before the legislative session ends tomorrow. Raises her on the way and Amazon. The company now says more than half a million of its workers are in line for raises in their hourly wage, ranging from 50 cents to three bucks an hour. Amazon not saying why the normal fall increases have been moved up. But it does come weeks after a failed unionization vote that an Amazon plant in Alabama This is ABC News. It's all about the nose. It's your air filter the first line of defense against bacteria and viruses..

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