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Tracking device the market k it's this as the light as bluetooth device out there it's tiny he put on your things in a case to the app right i go to t h e t r a c k r the tracker dot com promo code john john and get 20 percent off any order thank you sponsors can you hear this gives some good breathing oh we literally like just got home from we went to pennsylvania for a wedding one of my best friends in college i live with her a fair bungee years in jail shuttle ishida married show fine but it took forever for us to get there because we had to fly to philadelphia is like a five hour flight with a six money back and the drive two hours to where the wedding was and so we did that in reverse today and just got in and took like an hour and watch the finale game of thrones that we could use the internet tonight the other spoilers ever ugly having dinner at lake i'm die i feel weird feel grow civilian that sick on sweden only did we won't go with little cold is maury which was cargo firms were thorough amtrak though i think i've only multiple kinds of should be this morning now feelgood so and we were revolves were recorded this you know the sunday night so years just to give you a reference of where we're at least sauce did pretty exhausted zoster figured we would just hop on here and give you guys kind of a chill podcast today i like to jail.

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