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Is this Brandon Brandon? How you doing buddy? Yeah I do. I Know Brandon Israelis here. Are you the I live in North Carolina. I don't get much call you when the North Carolina guys didn't go to the thing now so you didn't okay fine. Wonderful Gaza Go. Hi where are you in North Carolina. I'm in Greensboro. Oh okay there you go well. Good morning to you. All them in the fans all over the country I did a periscope fenway park. Are you aware of said. Oh good thank you for that. Thank you Anonyna- fans out there. Contrary to what might thank you very much correct. I already know that all the notes I know that knowing me do you think that that's something I might want that periscope play some sound over the next day on my own show. What knowing me do you think that's something I'd WanNa play on my show the next day of course why don't you? You asked my producer. Steve Robinson how much sound he had ready for me this morning for the for that. Go ahead go ahead Brenda for that. None aw Jerry Kelly clip off work. I mean is that I mean like so so I came Menu Brennan this morning in. Mikey confirmed this in a good mood I was. I was so excited Danson. I did a great job yesterday. Caused trouble made. Everybody made the Red Sox. Security uncomfortable made the media uncomfortable. There was a feeling of discomfort. `Over Yawkey Way Jersey. St However you WanNa College it was like it was you know was you could feel it in the air. I got life after you had the cops after me. We know that in St sure. Sure how we know. In Steve's reaction is here's this give Steve Give Give Brennan your excuses. You gave me this morning as to why he want. I just want your reaction to this because it's almost like you're watching a minivan watch the Kirkman show actually WanNa hear this live. I WANNA go ahead Steve. I pulled the cops one because I thought that those would be the those excuses you gave me. Give me the excuses you to why because everyone had seen it. Okay so Scott Brennan react to that. Well that's not really true..

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