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Can listen the KFI everywhere like you haven't noticed ko S. P. to Los Angeles Orange County why on the radio well they found more evidence I'm Gina grad live from the care by twenty four hour news room a gun has been recovered from the scene of that deadly shooting on a greyhound bus near the back the passenger bus was headed from LA to the bay area when the highway patrol got a nine one one call the claimant on the cell phone claim that there was a suspect on the bus that had a gun and had shot several of the passengers C. H. P. sergeant Brian Pennings as as the bus driver was able to talk to shooter into letting him pull off at the next off ramp Hennings S. as the man left the gun on the bus was taken into custody without incident a woman was killed in the shooting five others who were injured were taken to the hospital no reasons being given for the shooting Steve Gregory kia fine news I was Democratic Party says caucus results have been delayed because of quality checks the parties at the results have also been slowed down by a policy change that means there will be three different categories of results a doctor in Santa Rosa is facing disciplinary charges for X. exempting kids from vaccinations health officials in so no my county say they got complaints from schools and preschools and twenty seventeen that raised concerns about the medical exemptions issued by Dr Ron Kennedy the executive director of the state medical board filed allegations against the doctor last week he could face suspension or lose his license all together a California skews me California has been gripped by the flu season despite people paying more attention to the wheel on corona virus Dr Leo Lee with Beverley's how Beverly hospitals infection control division so the by product of the coronavirus hype has been a renewed focus on hygiene I think if people hear more about the crown of ours no the paying more attention to it and knowing that you know hand wash the engine for your most effective way of preventing infections and so we can tell folks wash your hands washing often do a good job be generous with the soap California's department of public health reported two hundred eleven people have died from the flu this season up from one forty nine the week before by contrast more than four hundred people have died of corona virus worldwide Caribbean and Norwegian cruises are banning anyone from boarding who's been to China in the weeks before their scheduled to set sail the companies say they plan to conduct health screenings on board will Caribbean has also cancelled all cruises in China and Hong Kong for the rest of February closing arguments have been made in the Senate in the impeachment trial of president trump lead house manager congressman Adam Schiff has asked senators to remove the president we urge you in the face of overwhelming evidence of the president's guilt and knowing that if left in office he will continue to seek foreign interference in the next election White House lawyer Pat filled and says there is no overwhelming evidence this is a purely partisan.

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