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A jobs expert for Robert Half International in Sacramento. You can hear more from him at kfbk dot com. The afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil traffic and weather together Right now, let's talk to Dana Hess, prompted by Mercury Insurance, saying, If you're going downtown to the split eastbound caps, idiots where we start and it's slow getting out of the Midtown area and around the Marconi curve going to give you a 14 minute ride in all to the split once you get to 80 another nine minutes, ATU Douglass Boulevard in Roosevelt trip to El Grove will cost you about 12 minutes on high five and 14 minutes on 99 that transition by the way, if you're trying to make it on eastbound 52 cm 99 a little bit on the heavy side the moment Antenna. Folsom 19 minutes eastbound 50 17 minutes to Woodland north on I five and maybe even 16. It's moving pretty quick out there otherwise downtown to Davis. Nine minutes on westbound 80. But day it's gonna be a lot longer if you coming eastbound from 1 13 or just passed 1 13 to just past makes boulevard. It's mostly stop and go traffic. Did you know California drivers save an average of $677 with mercury insurance? Think so, what you can think of what you can do with that money. So what are you waiting for? Head over to mercury insurance. Com today to get started with your free quote. That's mercury insurance dot com Traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons from the Bonnie leading the way Home Traffic Center data has news 93 point. Why kfbk? Alright. Thanks, Dina. Let's check your kfbk forecast now. Tonight will be cool with clear skies. Tonight We'll see alot of 54 to 58.

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