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Lou you're on the Michael berry show thanks for Halloween oh you bet Michael one of. My stories is about governor Kathleen Blanco who you. Might say well what's the big deal just another incompetent democrat governor but I think she made one of the. Dumbest decisions in the whole of Katrina Van aluminum story WalMart had sent, a, fleet of trucks loaded? With food water, eight people. In the Superdome and the trucks were stopped at a state police barricading law loss Fringe of. New Orleans exactly yeah and the police calls in the governor's. Office said no. We can't let those trucks in there, we're trying to get, those people out of the Superdome they'll never leave if we feed them and give them water So I was kind of a cold hearted Decision in itself or a guy who took the brunt. Of all stuff ring blame was George Bush Wouldn't make like dumb the station so of people like mayor Nagin and governor Blanco but the. Flipside of that story is volunteered at the Asheville saw how well run it was manage propane order people were fed and housed. And well taken care off And. There was a nonstop nail smut oh yobbo burning so people coming in saying this is pep boys or whoever we. Need in April right now we'll put you, to work I was very very impressed with how. We manage that operation on our on so the. Contrast was just nothing but incompetence from Nagin and Blanco versus how good a job we did in Houston when. We have the evacuees in our astrodome that's my story You know I was on city council. In Houston I was marriage pro tem when. Katrina happened I remember that and I was not in local government when when, Harvey hit but I can tell you that from our perspective, in Houston how we handle the evacuees now in fairness to, New Orleans it is a lot easier when you are not in when you are, not flooded and your complete power grid is is operational to absorb a massive number of people that that's a whole lot easier thing to do than to try to run the city as. They were but I was extremely, proud of I was extremely let me say this I was proud of. Our government and how we performed During Katrina I was, proud but I. Was extraordinarily proud at. How this community reacted and it was something to behold George r Brown was opened up Because there were so many evacuees who came George Brown was opened, up and the city was operating George Brown and, the county was operating the dome and, there's a lot of ego involved and there's a lot of credit. That's going to be handed around so you get county judge versus the different county judge in. The county judge versus the mayor and and so there is a certain amount of You know preening for the. Cameras but what goes unnoticed is how many people How many churches especially Second Baptist was was the one. That really stuck out and. That's my home, church so I'm bragging but second baptises one that show. That really stuck out Lakewood sent, a lot of, folks The number of volunteers who came through. Church organizations to tend to. These people's needs, with water and food the number of people who literally. Opened their homes to the evacuees And I'm going to. Be completely honest not every incident turned out well not not every situation had a positive ending the there were situations where people. Took in some evacuees, were not good people and, at a, minimum they stole from them and in to a worse extent that there were deeper problems as you might. Expect but I really saw am I continue to see you know I was talking to a guy I don't talk to as, much in the morning I'm Kevin whited and, he used, to run a thing. Called blog Houston, they used to? Cover politics when I was in politics and I was talking about a healthy cynicism and how a healthy cynicism, is a good thing but that I have come to learn since my, children, came into my life that a healthy cynicism skepticism might be, a better questioning everything assuming nothing not, being led by pollyanna belief. But, trust but. Verify Canada deal and I said. You know what what my what having kids has taught me is that if. You are naturally predisposed to skepticism or downright cynicism skepticism being asking the question and not just taking everything at face value cynicism. Believing the worst and, to the best until better, is proven That you will, make yourself into a miserable person and. And one of the things I've learned, there were problems I will tell. You the some of the Katrina evacuees were some. Awful human beings when they came to us they just were and nobody. Wants to say that because they were predominantly black and that's somehow racial statement the truth is the truth regardless of the skin color and I know, that I come every issue completely objective and impartial and so I don't have to worry if I see a black person beating up another, person then I say that black person is, a say, that that guy is. A bad guy, whether it's because? He's black or despite him being black or without regard to him being black his behavior is bad and I, believe is behaviors bad if he's beaten up a white guy I find, it, to be equally bad if he's beaten up a black guy But I have come, to learn there were people who were disillusioned by their experience dealing with Harvey Noticing that. There was a series of stories where I think. These people were given, two or three thousand dollars I want to say it was three. But twos also in my mind, the vacuums were given two, and three thousand dollars in the. Story hit that night on the news local news here in Houston That The Louis Vitton the was it to protest at the. Protestant There was a line. Of evacuees outside the product store buying purses Sakano thing that becomes an urban myth of though I was assured that it. Was, actually true. That the strip clubs that it was. Oh my goodness you thought it rained in New, Orleans they were making it rain at the strip clubs and then you you then ask yourself the question because the evacuees were predominantly people. From places like the ninth ward where they were poor what happens when poor person who's lost everything and, is being housed in a facility in a public place Five six hours west in Houston what happens when you give them three grand what do they do Do they begin making arrangements to. Get a job and start a new life make sure they have the clothing and supplies and things they need safety insecurity insured for housing for at least the next thirty days till they get their first paycheck or do they. Go blow it. In the strip club, you'd like to hope for the former and maybe ninety percent it was true it was the former but you also have to recognize in many cases it was, the ladder and and that begs the question how many people are poor because they make poor, choices how many people are making the kinds of choices that even if you gave them more money, they, wouldn't be able to to. Make the right decisions to put themselves in? A better situation.

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