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I man that's a tough one carson's more. I think both listen. Here's what i think. I think you can't screw it up. Because i think carson at home against the the monster game but i don't know how you bench amari cooper up to what we just saw. Dallas do last week against the top tampa bay defence. The plan the chargers you know just down the road from you guys there. And i think there's gonna be a lot of points scored in that game. The over under that gained fifty five is literally the second highest. I'm asleep just slightly kids city baltimore. I so assuming you're at a pr league. I'd go cooper but again. I don't think he can screw it up because i do think carson at the game sean in lameda. Hey sean what's your question for matthew berry. Four guys for sean. You're on the air. Go okay four guys for three spots. I have cd lamb. Adam phelan tyler lockett and then tonio brown. I leaving out tyler. Lockett antonio brown lamb and who's the four healing out of dealing feeling. I mean we two of those three of them native one drop so n. Cd lamb cd cd. Lamb it feeling and it's only around. Oh god those are pretty good upset. I i wouldn't drop any of them. Like i'd trade. Something trade something in terms of who. I'm benching this week just to start. Who should i start. I would been stealing. I don't think you convinced. Lamb walking or antonio brown kanye matthew. I mean no. I mean like i don't wanna say bench any of them. I guess picking one person at bench me maybe antonio brown just because he had the game last week and you know brady spread it around. Is this week a big mike evans. Week 'cause he's sort of quieter a week one. The playing atlanta lands not gonna have the firepower to keep up with tampa bay the way dallas did slightly lower score. And maybe they try to get the run game. Established against the falcons like. I don't think you can screw it up. 'cause i love all four guys and tony brown actually by loveless this week but just you know bench bench lock after last week. You can't. cd last week. What you can't bet not last last week like you know what i mean. They're the supply harassment abridging spot the embarrassment of riches. But i guess if i had to pick one i pissed i have all been tied my top twenty but probably i would go with brown. I think he's probably the riskiest of those wide receivers. Okay a couple of tweets. Joseph wants to know big banner. Cuyler murray stop it. This week is tweet. Delete the tweet. Murray right tyler. Marie is in idiot. Come on right. It's like it's kind of a murray or topic. You had me kyla murray. You're starting kyla murray. And he should delete. The tweet should have anyone out there to the public. But he really biting between tyler. Moore your rapporteur brandon league. Deebo samuel or judy schuster smith or smith schuster judas fister but it's I'm gonna go depot brand value still in the doghouse. They're they're gonna have to throw There's a lot of weapons there for the field. I think the big. Nashi harris game at home against raiders were travelling obviously on a short week after playing five quarters in an emotional monday night win One last one or brady again. I don't think you can do that one. I have brady slightly ahead of over. Proposed cuts going to big games this week so i'll go brady but both guys really good matthew last thing for me. There is some talk. There was some talk this year in our league. And i know it it. It's a conversation comes up in every league. And if i'm not mistaken you wrote about it in your book. It was a chapter in one of your books to add an embarrassment penalty for the team. That finishes last. What's their bet. What's the best one of those. I know you've heard hundreds of them. What's your favorite one. What's your favorite penalty that someone had to pay off for finishing last inefficiency. Football league What is that two ways. My favorite ones like. I think the tattoos are great. You know like the when losing the league has to get a cut to chosen by the winter. I think madden I've seen people that have to. They have to play in it to go into a parade to enter into like a local raid. You know they're they're float is very loser. And that's they go through sort of you know way to the crowd. Those are pretty good so those are my favorites. Just sort of watch you know. There's another one that. I love where i've seen this a couple of times. Where remember the famous. Even game of thrones where she he has to walk through the streets chain chain chain. You a couple of weeks do that. Where the loser. The league has to basically an in in their boxers. And they're wearing a assignments that's fantasy loser sandwich board and then everyone in the league is dressed up in robes you with bells. Shame shame shame and they walk through town because in terms of ones that i think are doable. You know if you if that's too intense regionality. 'cause i've only seen one league do this one is. They went to like an elementary schools. They'll have those eight foot hoops those basketball hoops that are like only eight feet tall for little kids right so they all went to an elementary school and lose the league had to stand under the basket where the rest of the league dunked on him they all got the chance to come and dunk on him videotaped it and they you know they did slow motion slow motion and music and you know like sportscenter highlight reels. You know they're hanging on the rim and putting their legs around them. You know a lot shack and like you know you really Haven't so. I thought that was really really creative. I'll give you to more than i think are super creative off the top of my head. One is One is that the loser league has to display a fat head..

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