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Health dot org we now return that Kay and be ours quest for six Super Bowl marathon sponsored by east west bank let's go back to the Superdome with the forty Niners scored ATVs caused eight turnovers and sacked L. way six times it's Super Bowl twenty four on the sports leader sports at halftime the stadium a salute to the former commissioner Pete Rozelle using the music of Jerry Rogers through the years of a salute also to Joe Robbie who died recently the owner of the Miami Dolphins the music of Barry Manilow and memory meanwhile here at halftime and CBS radio with Brent Musburger a star studded lineup with Jim harder on the field Randy cross the former forty niner commissioner Paul Tagliabue bread with Mike did get sick what the **** deserve cross and Wilma dot all at half time so stay with us powers one ten are going to strike now for mid field first down rice is to the left John Taylor to the right and here is of the late in the running back Roger Craig he is hit and knocked down right now the line of scrimmage try to calm right hand the quarterback forced did very well that was Braxton along with Dennis Smith the safety manager Hey land that flavor successfully early in the game and they haven't succeeded in doing a very good job with this since that time the pursuit of the of the Denver Broncos has been excellent and in one of the play down from the Mike Brooks at a pinched nerve earlier in his left shoulder for the Denver Broncos and he is out of the lineup at the moment second ten Montana from the fifty under center sixty cents of another pass play to the sideline caught by great great it's one of the he gave only one yard and he was tested by Dennis Smith very close to penalty territory but a strong tackle by Dennis Smith yeah he he had they had white under the show right here the shoulder pads and slid up what it was face Jack it was a terrific hit by Dennis Miller number forty nine at the Denver forty.

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