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Him twenty or donate twenty five thousand dollars in his ellen does better that oprah elon gives doesn't ask questions and that well complaints in the in the the daily mail we got a democratic staffer imagine a staffer in the house of representatives making 100 and seventy thousand dollars a year and then now dare you said that during the workday detain taxes not paying income taxes for seven years great and pleading guilty when having to work monday to friday making his hundred and seventy thousand dollars a year and then spending is weekends in prison who was a step or working feliz staffer works for mississippi democrat bernie thompson he said he fled in steady tubs benny tom kiss chief of staff while before the deal before the plea deal he were congressman thompson said well if he's convicted i'll definitely fire bega because he's at an advocate for higher taxes and he still working for the fine it is a proven guilty they're already pled guilty well much more years though after is also david for dozo we're we're doing a david for dozo friday delays thursday though because today's there's tomorrow is tucker carlson day yes it is so we've got to get that out of the way and brian kilmeade on fox friends now let me ask you something because i know the era of big orioles fan here blowing up orioles fan you and i get these emails because i collect sports cards yoko baseball cards zilkha and every once in a while there there's something fairly interesting up for auction.

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