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We did it. We shocked the world. Usa basketball back on top suck it universe suck every country. That's not the united states. Love it this is was. It was bill mcgee. The first mother son combination of gold medal was yes. His mom is still alive yes. His mom is still alive. a great performance. They did shock the world. We all doubted them. If you if you think Hanks telling you to adjust your mic. Because it's point to your chat at my nipples was right at your eyes are up here. Listen i think we all had a fun weekend. I can say that for once. So we're all yeah. Yeah listen. I feel like you guys right now. Hung over his. Fuck if you're if you're looking for mentally sharp edition of part of my take. This probably isn't going to be it. Yeah that's we'll save that for like a wednesday during football season. Listen big sometimes you gotta you gotta let it out. You got some of the energy out. Yeah i'm letting it out. Really the point of hangovers is to remind you why you don't get hung over right. Why why getting some sleep awhile. And now they're showing messy crying on stage but a tough weekend that's tough. What was your who's back. No you're just watching tv. I was on. The goat is on tv crying at a press conference as a car. Co. won't fucking pay for him. I thought that was that clip from ted lasso. Roy was balling out while he's eating out his wife. That was from today happen. Contaminant that just started is our therapy. They're they're just dating y- a therapist. Ted lasso make you feel better. That's actually true though yes but also not true not true. These people are going to be continued to be depressed. Like dude ted last. Yeah that's right sure so. What's happening with ted lhasa. Right now is like what we saw happen with avatar when it came out when people got so obsessed with the visuals yeah and they got then they got people were super press that they weren't living in the appetite. Yeah so now. People are like oh shit to ted. Lasso doesn't really exist. Send that Jason is is actually coach to. Yes i do i i just going to say right now. I mean better. Help does sponsor this podcast so Don't use ted lasso as your only means of therapists if you're not okay That was our quick moment. Talking talking talking soccer in messy is that is fucked up. They wouldn't pay him half what fifty percent he wanted. So he's telling me like sixty mill. Who's running who wait ready for this. Who's run barcelona. Tom ricketts now. He's playing with imbaba neymar. It's a super team is going to be sick. Well we already was. Play with name are a few years. How sick would it be if there was a super league. And you got to. Cps key play against barcelona. Yes yes they should look into doing all right so back to usa basketball little detour there. usa basketball. I love the draymond just went. This is kevin durant and draymond green just dunking on people after the game and it was like. Oh why do you care so much. Just one gold knows awesome. It was awesome theater. He went kevin durant went. Live just laughing at everyone being like the world's taking over the game and you are skills are unmatched and then dream on dream. Went and just started quote tweeting. All the old tweets about how they had law like they were going to lose and france's taking over kendrick perkins and dream on got into a what was it. What do they get into. What was the were using a carry the hell on off carry the hell awning off to each other. Yeah i mean that's kendrick perkins favorite thing to say and just tossed in the word damn occasional care they damaged carry the hell on. You had kevin durant just seemed like he was going to take over the game. There's no answer to kevin durant it. Lsu you have to get started right now engineering player that would be able to defend kevin durant in eighteen years time. Maybe that french kid that we've seen clips of where he's like seven feet tall and he can dribble and shoot if kevin durant plays to the same age as like tom brady and stays around. Maybe that will be able to defend it but as of right now it's like no. There's nothing to do and that's the start of the game i was. I was like a little bit nervous first. Quarter because rudy gobert turns out is very good basketball dunking on people. Well and also the dumbest rule in all sports in international basketball. That you can steal the ball off the rent. I love that. So let actually. I don't three throws. I don't like the rule but i love it when draymond gets to do it because he looks like he's like on a little like a little vacation from the rulebook crazier looks like it's so illegal but when dream on does it you can tell how much fun he has his getting away with. Yes crazy. Dmk d- No i haven't should. I spent a good game. Feel like this. Yes i will hit him up. They you feeling good about you're right. You're right and good game. Good game little good game. Also shuttle lebron. Who went a perfect eleven for eleven from the field scoring twenty six points. Fourteen minutes vs uruguay. Oh eight second. Oh that's two thousand seven fiba tournament second round. Lebron just happened to quote. Treat that like twelve hours after the usa. One goal just to kind of muddy. The funniest thing. I that's what i was thinking when i was watching the gold medal match like win. Kevin durant put the gold medal around his neck. I was like you know. He'd trade that in a heartbeat to go eleven eleven scored twenty six points against uruguay in the second round. Fiba americas tournaments in two thousand seven the king. There's only one king actually. I think that that's like that's one of the greatest accomplishments in all of sports. Remember where were you know what we should do. We should make that like the tony. Delk graphic uh-huh except for lebron james with his stat line from that tournament. Yeah i'm gonna put that right now. I'm gonna say it. That's the second greatest thing that i've ever watched number one. Obviously being patrick mahomes incompletion in the super bowl the two greatest performances of i also appreciated this just like one of those things where you saw them on the bus afterwards..

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