Randy Savage, Hogan, Ultimo discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard - Episode 64: 'Macho Man' Randy Savage


That's amazing twoway february 20th night saving on msg network with he savage defeat the ultimo lawyer by account out and i think this may have been their first match together where be there for this one and and what did savage think about working with warrior here navy nine you know everybody was looking at warrior as does he have yet can he be the guy can he be the one to hold it all together in randy liked to test guys like that randy liked to be able to get in the ring and you wanna hang can you hang so it was i probably was there i don't remember it i remember there i remember a group of their first matches the randy's whole thing was about just combing the warrior down getting him to slow down a little bit uh shut up listen and learn an of everybody i you'd have to probably credit andrei the giant randy savage for doing that with lawyer well gets russell mania five of course on the way here this gaza can promos about each other and really trying to kind of plead their case for a while hogan as uh guy i august hogan has less than his eyes you probably say that better than may lewis you knew easily c lewis junior ing took abreu home communion though could mean years seoul ac's laws in a bags dabur and then of course uh hogan splitting his case and and this has got to finally happened the megapowers explode russell 95 five goes down april second ninth navy non from trump plaza um and we know the result hogan beats randy savage to win the world title and just under eighteen minutes and most people at the time said this was hogan's best match of his career uh and a couple of years later people would say that about the ultimate warrior russell mania seven a common denominator in both is rainy savage but this matching and russell any five here is may be once upon a time in jeopardy or there's at least question mark surrounding it because savage works with a pretty serious illness catch everybody up randy got staff infection in his elbow in randy had been lane in a hospital bed with uh.

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