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All right, Tom, you've got another text to tweet for Doc. What do you have this one in from Julian and Dallas, Texas, my daughter as thyroid cancer. What is the best diet and prevention? So it doesn't keep getting in her limp coins, and they won't have to take them out so much. And then she says PS. Why're young females getting this so much? Okay, And he said thyroid cancer. Tom. Yes. Okay. Harry Cancer. Well, um Thyroid, and I would have a second opinion made have some of those slides don't have to have any more biopsies gives some of the original pathology and take it to the university and they have a pathologist looked at it and confirm that was Thyroid cancer. Sometimes just a goiter. Okay, get in large fire until you've got a tumor, you know, and they treat you like you have cancer when it's really just a glider. And so I get a second opinion preferentially from a medical school pathologists because it doesn't matter. What they find. They're going to get paid the same where they won in private. Um ah, impaired practice. They get paid more by the diagnoses. Okay, so I go to and taking you don't have any more violence, just get them to ship the information. To the medical school pathologist. You need to get rid of all the bad stuff that creates cancer. No fried foods, no processed meats, oils or gluten. So we brought rhinos sugar, one healthy, brain, hard packed £100 of body weight and the only way 120 £130. I get another bottle of flames. Take six of those today Not any Selenia Marcelina because it has other co factors in there that support things. And then I want you to take our oceans Gold. Take three oceans gold, which is a support For Um, thyroid health. It doesn't. It doesn't stimulate growth and actually gives the thyroid the nutrients at once. So it actually shrinks. You can take somebody with a huge goiter the size of Ah. Grapefruit and in a couple of months will be the size of your character. And you won't even see it anymore because it's shrunk back down to normal size. And so if its infancy stage 23 or four and then the Quote thyroid cancer has gone to the lymph nodes. Then that is a dangerous thing, because it could be life threatening. Once you start getting spread of a cancer if it is truly cancer, and so, you know, we need more information here to me more specific, but that's where I would start. Doc. Laura writes. I'm 58. I'm in generally good health, but I've just noticed lately. My left hand Is starting to shake and quiver. What's going on. Okay, The odds are you have degenerative disease and your vertebrae in your neck and upper back or getting closer together, so squeezing the roots of the owners. I'd go down your arm.

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