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To fifty three. They already make workout clothing. But now under our Murray getting into the space suit business. The company is designing space where for the pilots and future space tourists who will fly virgin galactic both virgin head Richard Branson. And Under Armour CEO, Kevin plank were on CBS this morning. This is playing the cool thing is that everything that we're actually putting into this space suits that technologies. It's things that we already have or things are actually coming to market. So this is so aligned with what and who we are as a technical brand. So our ability to be that the technical space partner for virgin galactic is such a cool opportunity. Some six hundred people are on a waiting list to fly into space Branson says they expect to conduct their first trip this year. California's state Senate Judiciary committee goes gender-neutral. We are now estate recognizing the non binary designation democratic Senator hannah-beth Jackson has banned and the committee has signed off on it the use of he or she in hearings. And instead everyone be referred to as they. Something Christine young professor of gender. Studies. At the university of San Francisco says Jackson has the right and the trends, you could call the fed. It's hard to know what steps really represent some argue. It's one thing to agree to call someone who wants to be called something else when everyone is stripped of their gender pronouns, whether they want to be or not Jim Roope, Los Angeles, fifty nine degrees. Still raining the humidity eighty nine percent. The winds now northwest at five miles an hour. Fifty nine going down to twenty eight tonight. Midtown wins. News time to fifty five. Huge savings are here at JC Penney. Hurry in for amazing.

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