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In 1961 that Roger Maris hit the home run to break Babe Ruth's single season home run record. Here's the wind up, and there's a really good movie called 61 that breaks down that case. Billy Crystal directed it. Good movie. I wait. I've got another. I've got another connection here for you. To Babe Ruth 88 years ago today in 1932, with account of two balls and two strikes, Babe Ruth. Called his shot and pointed to centerfield bleachers at Wrigley Field over your cubs six degrees of separation, baby, it all comes together. So what happened was that is that more legend than eyes that more urban legend than reality? I think it is, he pointed. I've heard some historians say that Babe Ruth, who Has been known to trash talk with some fans may have been pointing to some fans out there saying, you know, hey, this that he may have pointed for a home run. He did hit the home run came, but it's not like it was Jake Taylor projected in major league standing at home plate, pointing one finger out to the bleachers. One of our favorites Randy Quaid, 70 years old today, cousin Eddie From the vacation movies, and he's a crazy follow on social media. Remember when it was the 2016 election, and Randy Quaid was talking about Hillary Clinton's email scandal. My gun is out for the damn say late Bernie must disembowel first tag, You.

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