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I dunno just learning about the YouTube culture, and the YouTube world and going to these vid cons and stuff like that. Oh, yeah. I feel like I'm so old. I don't know anything is. Everyone's like knows all the lingo or something everyone like there are all these people that I had no idea about that have millions of followers and now I like wash there used to. What I mean? It's so strange. It's really cool though. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, there's just so many like pockets on YouTube that you could have no idea anything about them. And then you like stumble into it and realize there's this like whole world, some of it's horrible bad. And you don't want to go down that rabbit hole. But there's a lot of really great stuff. Yeah. But I imagine also the fans can be very rabid in a way that maybe television fans aren't. Yeah. It's way different. I'm I've noticed I mean, first of all they're younger second of all she's putting so much of her personality out there on her personality is so charming. So it's like, you're my best friend, you should know that right, right? We we spend so much time together. And that's like how you feel as a fan. You know? So I'm sure people feel a little bit of ownership, and the fact that like her subscribers literally made, quote, unquote, made her in a way, you know, like it. It's. A different phenomenon. Ye-ye-yeah what is your like entertainment diet? Look like, what are you watch? Who don't ask me? I watch like pro I'm I'm a terrible actor in the sense that I watch a lot of reality TV. I love competition shows. I also love shows where where people are just like hitting rock bottom. It sounds so awful. Like what like hoarders or intervention? Right. Right. Those shows and like I for whatever reason I could rewatch, and I think I've watched every single episode of intervention. I'm not even kidding you. I feel like I have started gravitating more towards like reality shows. It's just like Edano you need that just you don't have to really pay attention. Although I've been watching ju- love island. It's show. Oh my God. Sorry. I said that so loudly. Yes. I just started watching it. And that you have to pay attention. I started watching the first one on who they love it Hannah. She's the greatest Josh. Yeah. But that like you have to pay attention because I don't understand a worst. Hang. Yeah. You have to watch it with the subtitle. Just so I have to be able to read the subtitles while I'm watching it because I don't understand anything. But it's so weird. I feel like it's going to like change my vocabulary now because all of their like slang is. So this muggy. I yeah. I've I've had to like urban dictionary. Certain terms my favorite is saying bevy for beverage. Join up Evie. It was very it. Only happened once that I was like I love. Actually think there's going to be a love island in the US. There is there is just thought I heard that I'm excited about it. You can understand it now and enjoy right? Hopefully, although I'm trying to like translate it in my head is it like jersey shore type people is it more like Nash threat type people like, I don't know. And I just like that. They've dropped all pretense that it's about anything other than just to like playing with these lab. Rats seals like a social experiment. Yeah. We could talk about this forever. This would be the entire episode. All right. We're gonna play a bit of a game. It's called explained that quo. It's based on a section on IMDB the internet movie database called personal quotes. I think it's a ridiculous section for any person on their coats of mine. No, what did I say?.

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