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Tax. Well at select US 7 11 stores see 7 11 after full terms, stunning allegations tonight against former Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, first time essentially assaulted me and his offer the CPD headquarters. He told me that I belong to him That is Cynthia Donald Johnson's former driver and member of his security detail. She filed a lawsuit today accusing Johnson of raping her repeatedly, including in his police headquarters office. She also says that he sent her nude photos of himself and pressured her. Into sex by promising career advancement. Now, John. Now Donald was the person out drinking with Eddie Johnson that night in October, 2019 when he was found slumped over behind the wheel of his vehicle near his home in Bridgeport. The lawsuit. Cynthia Donald is filing also accuses Mayor Lightfoot of failing to properly investigate what happened to Donald and telling Johnson to just transferred Donald out of the security detail here is Donald's attorney, Robert McLaughlin. After that night, I understand and Lori Lightfoot was updated as to what happened. And instead of speaking with Cynthia herself or ordering a thorough investigation, he told Eddie to quote, dump Cynthia and removed him from his security detail. And put her in the records department at Augusta Now, Lightfoot's office released a statement to our Bill Cameron tonight, saying, quote we cannot comment on the specific allegations which, if true, would be inexcusable. Mayor Lightfoot emphatically denies and common sense dictates that Eddie Johnson ever told the mayor about allegations of abuse or harassment of Cynthia Donald by Eddie Johnson. Miss Donald's lawyers never claimed otherwise. That is the statement from Mayor Lightfoot. In other big news tonight, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Chicago public school system is goingto have in person learning for some kids next month. The sources tell the Trib that the CPS plan would involve in person learning for pre kindergarten and some special education students next month. All other students with continue with remote learning full time when the second quarter begins. November 9th Chicago Teachers union blasting the plan. As unsafe. The state of Illinois announcing the highest ever number of new Corona virus cases in one day. 4000 and 15 new cases in the past 24 hours also 53 more deaths in that time period. That is the most reported in one day since June, 24th Early voting underway right now, in all 50 wards of the city of Chicago. This man Saying that he showed up at 8 30 in the morning and didn't get to cast his ballot until 11 because the lines were so long people before me stood in line for me to give me this opportunity to stand here, pretty sure they won't do much more than I had to do now in the city. The early voting locations open from 8 30 in the morning until seven Mondays.

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