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That's called reaching. Yeah, you are reaching. Because I also Charlie, I don't know if you noticed, but I think Neptune was a little bit shifted off at that time as well. So when you look at the flight of that ball, that may have affected it as well, which is unfair. Was mercury in retrograde? I don't know what that means. I just said it. But yeah. Yeah, I think you stretching. I do think that that's an instance where probably that kick was taken in the wrong spot, but also the crew were up to one, going into the final seconds of the match and had been under pressure the entire second half. And as you said, Dave, and I completely agree. Were the second best team in this game. In particular in the second half. They've got to find a way to get that mentality shifted. But by the way, can we just say the look is our angle? One, kalina, what on earth are you doing? Two incredible technique and execution and awareness for Okazaki on. If you haven't seen that full clip and sequence, Doyle has a lasso. The whole thing. Not just the goal, but like the 45 seconds to a minute leading up to it is just sort of mind bending MLS after dark, midweek, insanity slash beauty. Does that time frame go back long enough to the minute before when Ben bender tried to chip eloy room so it's like on everyone's mind on the field except for kalina, which is the most ridiculous part of this. What was he doing? We'll have to it doesn't matter anymore. Charlotte are out. All right, enter Miami Orlando city. Enter Miami at home. They need a result. They've been rolling Gonzaga. He's like emotional. This is it for him, and they win for enough for one. Excuse me. I thought like for nothing. Early, early, early legal Campana. He chips the goalkeeper. And ray Hudson loses his mind. It was a wonderful moment and then Pepe gets two goals. He's up to 16 on the year now. Probably the most on form, the best striker in MLS right now. Also fueling the fighting weebs. We have a three goal lead on Matt Doyle squad, don't need to mention what Dave and kalen are doing in the Golden Boot draft race, but can we talk about the defending city on that particular play? Do you want to talk about whatever? Let's start Charlie with this. That's a world class finish, right? Off your first touch and the way he slices under it? That's unreal from campania. No one's no one needs to even questioning the finish. The finish was phenomenal. What I am saying is you start the game, you have possession. And a player tries to play around the Miami defender. And instead of playing a simple ball back to araujo, who was standing there saying, hey, pass me the ball. You lose possession. And not only as the ball goes behind Antonio Carlos, and higuain, schlegel is just standing there. He's watching this as it unfolds. And as the ball, as in toro Carl's looks, and they're like, why aren't you running? Why am I running back by myself and you're just standing? Watches as campania runs in between them and then chips. Like, what? What was schlegel doing? It was almost like he was pretending like he's on the bench watching the game. Well, that's going to have to be better from Rodrigo and the entire Orlando city team on decision day. This was a huge game for them. I didn't even sniff it. Really weren't competitive. Eric and Cara had a goal.

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