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We're gonna move on briefly to addition watson because you know what we promised. We'll give you the shawn watson update every day and we will do that because it changes every day. What number we now here. A colonic sixteen. Yeah it is. What's fourteen lawsuits. Isn't it to. Because the time this thing drops people listen numbers rate in this situation. I think at this point where We're past the point of needing to get the data on the information now at true affords like we're at. Are you a predator or not zone. Like that's i don't know. I haven't read a the guy in the houston. Chronicle his name wilson yet. Yup does he still think sixteen are lining up to make a deal. How silly was that premise. That people still want to trade from no one would trade anything form. They wouldn't take him for nothing. The miami dolphins new york jets new england patriots niners broncos. None of them would take to shawn watson for nothing. They didn't win. Give you a thing for the shawn watson because this guy has a problem. He's not who we thought he was. I'm ready to jump to conclusions and say he was inappropriate with many many women and he had a fetish couldn't just be one or two. He wanted to do this to a number women because he probably enjoyed the challenge. Enjoyed the danger of it. All and today mike florio from pro football taco used to be a lawyer. He's got a piece saying what he would do if he you know because a lot of people ask them. What would you do if he hired you. He didn't hire florio. Had tony busby. Who's either a A lawyer or a the most incredible conman the most credible Shakedown artist of all time. Because he's the one who's updating every day with the number of masseuses who are charging accusing deshaun watson of inappropriate behavior. But but but two things two things here. He gives all this advice florio and it's reasonable. He said he'd sit down and try to get all the women or their representative in a room to make one big settlement trying to make it all. Go away with one big paycheck that they could and they clearly are looking for that because they're not having gone to the cops which brings me to point number two and end to the point where they try to basically extort him out of thirty one of them tried to extort him out of thirty grand in january. I believe i'm not sure that's extortion. If you're saying will agree not to charge you and these are hard working people at working class girls. Maybe who and by way are people like julia to cairo in on people like Niece smelly they waiting to see what race these women are. Because they haven't had much to say about this yet. But i assume they are. They going to wait and see what race they are and then they decide how they feel about it. Which is madness. I don't know what race they are. It doesn't matter if he was inappropriate. It's sure sounds like he was. My question would be even if he sat down and wrote sixteen checks at say that say the number is not gonna stay sixteen because the lawyer already said he's got twenty two women who are ready to make this accusation or really to file For a loss. Ready to sue if you wrote checks to all of them do we assume that protects him from any criminal charges. This sounds like a crime that he committed dozens of times. So if one of those women says i want to talk to the police and the police and according to florio and And others They're the they're waiting. They're just waiting for the police to get involved in criminal investigation to proceed. So one of them says he assaulted me. I want to press charges. it's all over. You can't make it. Go away with a big paycheck. So i if they're and i think hardens said this statement. Last night he submitted a statement to a local television station is that he's received messages from other masseuses saying You know he's been a great client. Shawn watson has been a great client of theirs will the if he's done this to potentially twenty four women twenty six women there should be then like seventy five others. Say he's a great. You know what. I mean like it should be and again i been looking for this. I'm waiting for this. Here's where it gets. Really dicey for watson is when any of these women Doesn't have to be you know. Twenty two to three four or five. Go into detail. get graphic. Here's what he made me do. And you see it in print and you hear it. Then they talk about it on an talk shows and you go holy crap. That's that's a game changer. if you say. He grabbed her whereby the heddon bullet here did that. And jump off the if you if they give you details. Play by play of what he is little fetish was. It's over. i mean it's over. You never look at him the same. They can't trade him league suspense him. I mean this is. I saw as bad as taking air out of a football granted. It's pretty bad it's it's not a thing to get you a probably doesn't put away. You know like kellen winslow for the next fifteen years but it does get you in trouble with the law and this trouble with the league and suspended. And it's never the same again for shawn watson so if i i'm not sure if the media's working on this angle but if somebody gets one of the victims to tell her story in detail graphic detail of what he did and how that was his thing and that just turned him on and it becomes a i don't say harvey weinstein because he's just a he's a rapist but if it becomes just this perverted this describe the fetish that this guy had then you look at them like every day every time you see your hair for his. Name's twenty five..

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