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Deontay Wilder Tyson. Fury obviously had the mega heavy weight boxing match of recent memory. But Cook it a little bit more interesting the next time these to see each other in the ring floyd money. Mayweather may consider taking up coaching at the boxing ranks in his first. Protege may be able to be a wilder. He said he's interested in trying to make sure that he prepares him for Tyson. Fury Wilder version. Three if you're each defend his title yet again at that point we have not seen. What may whether would look like as a boxing coach but obviously he's one of the grazed all time and this does add an interesting element and mayweather starts to put down the gloves and pick up the clipboard. I don't know if they use clipboard. These clipboards and boxing. Obviously it was big news. Cbs Sign Tony. Romo to a seventeen million dollars a year to retain him as their lead color commentator for NFL football reports are coming out though that ESPN is in hot pursuit of peyton manning. Trying to get him into the Monday night football booth but they weren't the first programming to do that this year. Cbs tried to actually bring him in. And he fourteen million dollar a year salary instead of re signing Tony. Romo trying to bring in a cheaper option. This obviously is news to probably Romo that he was almost replaced by another. Nfl quarterback it's clear paid manual. Join the broadcast booth next year but obviously his self deprecating humor and football knowledge would likely translate well to a good broadcast. Hopefully we can see. Peyton manning calling some football game. Soon boy. Last night was trouble in Norman as I mentioned at the beginning of this podcast with a win. Oklahoma almost punches. Their ticket to the March madness tournament yet here. We find ourselves with a devastating loss on senior night. Ou's final home. Game of the year comes at the hands of the Texas longhorns. The man of the hour was supposed to be Christian doolittle and he played an incredible game in large stretches. Twenty points ten rebounds one steal block want us one turnover in one personal foul but none of that matters at the end of the ball game with about five seconds left. Chris should do little goes to the free. Throw line up to with the opportunity to make two free throws to not only ice the game but end it if you can find a way to make both go up for. He missed both on senior night. So what is Texas? Do they come down the other way? In Coleman Hits a prayer of a three off the backboard Texas wins by one fifty two to fifty want an ugly ugly basketball game in this one but Texas is hopes of making the tournament still alive. Oklahoma needs a big win in a few days to punch their ticket and even then at this point it might not be a sure thing they face off against TCU on March seventh at five PM. That game will be on. Espn SUE Christian doolittle. Though with twenty points as I mentioned earlier Brady Manic had ten. He was oh a five from the three point. Line Austin Reeves had thirteen outside of that not a whole lot from Oklahoma. This was an ugly game. Thirty three percent from the floor for the Texas longhorns. Twenty eight percent from the floor for the. Oh you sooners thirty percent for the three point line. I can't believe about to say ten percent from the three point line for Oklahoma. The only reason. Oh you was in this ball. Game was the massive free-throw discrepancy somehow Texas only shot two free throws in the entire game. And Oh you shot twenty nine. Oklahoma was twenty one of twenty nine on those attempts and seventy two percent for the game just an astounding finish in Oklahoma. Still has work to do with one final game on the year. They look like they had an opportunity to punch their ticket. But I fear the LONGHORNS may have instead they're on a five game win streak now with their last game coming against the Oklahoma state cowboys on the seventh at three PM. This has been the big story today. Podcast my name is Chisholm Holland at Chisholm Holland on twitter. And I appreciate you listening. Please make sure you leave a five star review on itunes. It's extremely helpful for US or whatever platform you're listening to this podcast from also gives a tweet if you make the episode at Chisholm Holland on twitter. I would love to know what your thoughts are on this new podcast. And we've watched the franchise where part of the franchise podcast network. We're sponsored by New Balance Edmund at fourteen ninety two South Bryant Avenue in Edmond Oklahoma as well as Lucky Star Casino Konczal. Make sure you support people who support us here at the franchise so until next time. Everybody audios.

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