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Because this would be a criminal investigation and the i g doesn't do that right well it it is possible although my understanding of the i g is that it is focusing primarily on the clinton email stuff although clearly what we saw with mccabe and what we heard about them investigating komi false statements and leaking of classified materials maybe at branched out i personally would be surprised if the doj i investigation starts to capture this stuff hopefully we'll know towards the end of the month but i think at this point year guesses really is good as my meanwhile one of the things john davis if if i can throw this at you because y whenever you criticize the muller investigation and the special counsels operations and the fact that it's conducted in secrecy apparently we often hear pushback saying but look at all the indictments he's already brooklyn look at all the russians that have already been indicted well we actually had one of those russian entities fight back and ask for some very specific information about these indictments and the muller team am i right to understand that they have asked for a delay they're not ready to move forward even though they're the ones bringing the charges yet so what happened there is more steam was caught by surprise that this firm concord management or something like that hired representation in the us and actually prepared to fight the case on its merits and the the special counsel team wasn't prepared for this so in order to try and delay the arraignment of it which emotion to dismiss the whole thing might have been heard they claimed that their own defendant hadn't been properly served by the government and therefore the the trial couldn't go on at that time leave the court rejected that and said no we're doing the arraignment but that's a pretty big embarrassment especially coming right around the time we're judge allyson virginia smackdown the prosecutors in the manafort case for acting as if they had no limits on their power and acting as if they could keep certain documents secret even from the court in the judge i has been very very bad couple of weeks for both the molar probe andy kind of entire conspiracy surrounding the.

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