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He could not in ten. It's not ten thing that he has his thing. Made it funnier. Funnier and stupider. Yeah. He would have tried to make goofy. Also. Yeah. And that would not have been good. Okay. What about Josh Hartnett for Pearl Harbor? No, I don't want anyone else. This isn't a fun game. I do have to say that. I did have a thing for Bianca for a very long time. So that was another reason I liked this movie. Julia stiles, she can go take a seat over to the side. I wanted to be with Bianca instead. She wanna learn French. One time. I when plus she she gets to be with JGL. So and edgy JJ L is I can connect more with him being the nerdy kid that doesn't get the girl ever the guy who's married with two kids. Yeah. I know, but like in high school that was me that was my that was my role. I learned to grow out of it. But I wasn't the bad boy from Australia that everyone like wanted to hang out with. I don't know if you learn to grow out of it though. I wouldn't go that far. All right. Well, it only has to work once and it has so just convinced Lena. And she's a little tract. I don't I don't know if she feels trescott kids and she's like well this ship sailed. I think she's satisfied with her choice. She's still living at her rom com. Dream of trying to champion. Change them that she's trying. He does want me to do the dishes more. But I don't think that's ever going to actually change. All right. All right. So. So that is so ten things I hate about you that was the top one on my list on Taylor's list. Sounds like Nick has been on my list. But I was pretty sure somebody was gonna choose right. I was I was hoping that it was old enough to Taylor wouldn't have gravitated towards that as much. No, no. This is my all time favorite because this one came out in nineteen ninety nine but that was just school to the t for me. I just remembered that in that movie. The opening song is on weeks. Oh, now, I'm gonna have to pay that takes it. It totally is because she likes shows the other like, I don't know like nicer girls singing along to that song and the cat pulls up next to them. And it's like I'll give a damn petition pay. Which is the song that Ronda Rousey comes out to in the WWE now because she is a regular on the WWE and also isn't seen in Shrek the first one. This. Yeah, we should have another episode about like Shrek music. I'm in connect with music music as a connective tissue. Yeah. Like soundtracks who? Okay. That's that put it on the soundtrack of ten things. I hate about you buy do to. In my CD case, it's on Spotify seizure. So yeah, what a girl wants. I have that soundtrack. I'm very attached to it emotionally. Did you go see what a man wants that just was released, but I'm going to on Friday with Ashley so get the superhero mask. That's all I remember from the from the trailer. Let's just wait. Just wait. You'll you'll see you laugh. Let you guys. I did go see that new rom com with rebel Wilson. Isn't it romantic? I enjoyed it very much. I haven't been out to see that we've been sick in. My also am its prime audience. So. Don't know that saying much. Did you go on a date or were you alone? I went who did I go tell some guy. It's an anime. They'll go with you. Oh, I went with Heidi is going to say I did go on a date this week. Guys, the more dates I go on the more. Okay. I become with the idea of dying alone. That's all I can say. But remember what I said earlier, it only has to work ones cat. Well that one just keep it has. Well, or remember what lesson comedies are you can change your guy..

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