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We are now getting a new look at America. Thanks to the first numbers out from the Census Bureau on the 2020 head counts. Population growth has slowed down considerably. Many of us have been moving. And that's going to cause some changes here in Washington will spend time on that this morning. Another big case involving the police, shooting and killing of a black man is growing into another major story. This one in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, will go there. This as the Department of Justice launches an investigation into operations at the Louisville Police Department, a result of the botched raid that resulted in the death of Rianna Taylor. The pullout of U. S troops from Afghanistan continues with the U. S military and National Security Agency is trying to keep the withdrawal safe. And to fill the power vacuum being created will spend time on that as well Tuesday morning money and other stormy day in the southern Plains and especially beautiful movie to tell you about late sports all in the mix as we greet the day. At first light. Well, we all know the 2020 census was a challenge A pandemic. For one thing. Delays. Court challenges accusations of political interference from the White House. But we're getting the first numbers now. And correspondent Linda Kenyon has them for us. Linda Michael. Why is the new census so important? The census is conducted every 10 years. The data gathered from it are used to Dole out the number of seats each state gets in the U. S. House of Representatives. That's important, says Commerce secretary Gina Raimondo. But she says, that's not all the data are used for state and local officials. The federal government nonprofits, all you Census data. To make decisions that have a direct impact on our lives. We used the data to decide how many teachers we need in our schools. How much funding we need for public housing programs. Where to locate a business or health clinic where to build new roads. The acting director of the Census Bureau is Ron German. Six states will gain seats in the House Representatives. Texas will gain two seats. In Colorado, Florida, Montana, North Carolina in Oregon will each gain one seat. German says seven states will lose one seat each California. Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. By the way, New York lost it's one seat by just 89 residents while California loans to seat for the first time in U. S history. The census also updated how many people are represented by each member of the house after the first a portion occurred based on the 17 90 census. Each member of the house represented roughly 34,000 people. Now the average population size of Beach House District based on the 2020 census will be 761,169 people or more than 50,000 additional people per representative over just 10 years ago. Data also show a 7.4% increase in population since the last census and a slower growth rate them in any decade since the 19 thirties. The census is used not only to apportion seats in the House of representatives, which determines the balance of power in Congress. It also is used to determine the amount of federal money each district gets for its population. Secretary Raimondo says the census also determines redistricting. We live forward to delivering the redistricting data no later than September 30th. The redistricting data will be used to draw new maps of congressional district. Linda Canyon Washington. Thanks, Linda. We'll have more on the census numbers and will bear down on the political impact later on first light right now it's 10 past the hour. Correspondent Kathy Foster reports on a new federal investigation into the Louisville, Kentucky Police Department won, the local officials seemed to welcome U. S Attorney GENERAL MERRICK Garland making the announcement Monday, the U. S Department of Justice will launch a thorough investigation into the Louisville Metro Police Department. It will determine whether L MPD engages in unconstitutional.

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