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They're just exhausted by the chaos that trump represents they're exhausted by the lying there exhausted by the absolutely abuse of norms in the White House campaigning on the South Lawn, you know having your children busy You know now we know that even considered putting vodka in as vice president mean this is what people are worn out with and I think Joe Biden has a very simple task tonight he needs to be a nice guy he needs to be an honest guy and he needs to underline with an exclamation point that he's the only one stage that has ever passed anything protecting your healthcare. And Jon Meacham we go back to nine thousand, nine, hundred, eighty again I think we need to go back to nineteen eighty again and look at that one debate between Jimmy Carter. and. Ronald Reagan. Reagan painted as a radical warmonger. And his job was to show up not scare anybody delivers lines and walk off the stage. It's exactly what he did and it led to a landslide victory. Donald Trump has been saying for months that Joe Biden is old. That he's he's demented that he can't complete sentences that he has to take drugs. He's really teed the ball up perfectly for Biden. And I think clears, right the very thing that's causing donald trump to bleed support among women and suburban voters has been what a hostile presence he's been on and off. TV. If he plays to that type again tonight John I suspect that only makes things worse for him. It was in Cleveland Forty years ago where. President Reagan. Governor. Again, getting quite close the deal, but he opened the margin It was a week out from the election I think that's where the analogy falls apart because the Carter trump thing is that they belong in different galaxies but I do think that we have this incredibly important point before us which is. Do, we want to continue to be the worst week in be. Or do we want to try to be better if not the best? and. that. May sound grand but I think it's an era and a moment to think a little grandly. Because president trump is the fullest manifestation of the darkest of American forces, right some of the darkest of human forces, really selfishness and greed appetite, net Bishen and what the tax story shows and and Endless, data shows is that. He is a figure of created figure of fantasy wasn't lying. He's he's a poor person's idea of a rich person but now he's we know he's not even a rich person particularly But all of that's a little. Rational and even as I hear myself talking, I worry that this is kind of analog analysis because. What's on the ballot here is, do we want a return to a nodding acquaintance in our public life with reason? Or. Do we want to continue to indulge in this fantasy driven? World of passion where our appetites govern everything. And I totally agree with you on the numbers the fifty, four, forty, five if on elect if on election night Yvonne Yvonne to that I Tuesday night after Monday November, we're seeing fifty threes and fifty four xlt by Biden's name. Then there's a good chance that the deficit of decency that has afflicted us for four years will be erased. If it's forty, nine, forty, eight if it's you know the the numbers are below fifty and they're closer, they'll be this barrage of litigation. And an attempt to nullify the will of the people and I'm not an alarmist I think that everybody should be ready. read up on the Constitution read up on what it means. If an election goes to the House of Representatives he's not going quietly. One thing to here Joe as we discuss everything that's going on around this debate, and there is so much going on is that most Americans buy vast majorities have made up their minds if you look at polling eighty, six percent of people say they're not going to have their minds changed today. So you're looking at a margin of ten or fifteen percent of Americans who've watched this show for. The last four years and are still deciding what to do. There's the politico poll that says, eighty six percent of Americans have made up their minds. Fourteen percent may change their mind. So a lot of people are going to watch tonight of course, but bear in mind that eighty six percent of Americans have watched the show for the last four years and decided either to cancel it or to. Continue it for another four. No doubt about this is. Just. Like We said in two thousand sixteen. That was a campaign was not a referendum on Donald trump so much as it was a referendum on Hillary Clinton four years later. Shoe's on the other foot, and this is not a referendum on Joe Biden. This is a referendum on Donald trump and you can even see the numbers people much more excited to vote against Donald Trump then they are to vote for Joe Biden and that's going to be a powerful motivating factor and I talked about the supreme, court opening talked about how quickly the Republicans moved hours after Ruth Bader. GINSBURG's death to go back on their word for years ago to lie to their constituents, Lindsey Graham lying to his constituents in South Carolina Steve daines lying there was constituents in Montana. Cory Gardner lying to his constituents in Colorado by moving forward and rushing through a supreme court selection. And we talked about. David. Ignatius. How that's going to have a very bad impact for. A lot of lot of voters Republican traditionally Republican voters that have been moving democratic for the past four years. But this tax story, this tax story hits him another demographic working class Americans nurses, schoolteachers, construction workers, waiters, waitresses. People that have blue collar jobs that have found out now that a guy who claims to be worth five billion dollars as been paying less in taxes than them for years in fact. While they're paying thousands of dollars in taxes. He's only giving the irs seven, hundred, fifty dollars while he lives in the white. House, and exclusive. Properties across the globe jet setting with jumbo jets from one property to another..

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