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A little popular culture for you this week marks the seventy third year since the death of one of the most famous gangsters in history how come home during the nineteen twenties Capone was the face of organized crime in America is empire included bootlegging gambling prostitution and murder for seven years he ran the Chicago crime syndicate eliminating anyone who got his way the gang's annual profit one hundred million dollars adjusting for inflation that's a billion dollars today a year here are a few interesting facts about America's first notorious gangster compose a life of crime got an early start at fourteen he was kicked out of school for assaulting a teacher he quickly turned to the street bartending in a brothel before his sixteenth birthday I knife attack gave out the pony his famous facial scar the press called him Scarface until his dying day blood not sicker than boos apparently alcohols older brother James was a patrol addition agent even though they're on opposite sides of the law they never crossed paths family dinners probably a bit uncomfortable if they had how is also a big jazz fan he once kidnapped famous musician fats Waller at gun point for a private birthday party come home was toria see violent but could also be generous giving to various charities in Chicago including his own soup kitchen two thousand folks a day were served it during the depression but any admiration it would not last long as the body count began to pile up I'll compone was implicated more than one hundred murders including.

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