Nancy Pelosi, Steve Mnuchin, President Trump discussed on Russell & Hunter


855 94 used talk 5 50 k f Y i and ii dot com On Twitter at K F Y I really news in Realty Time. Arizona license number 2 to 2. 36 Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin have spent the day in talks over another round of Corona virus related stimulus, but the two sides remain far apart on key issues. We not only have a dollars today we have a values debate. Still, I'm optimistic. Pelosi is moving ahead with the vote this evening on a $2.2 trillion proposal, backed by House Democrats. It represents a trillion dollars less than the Heroes Act passed by the House in May. But the White House and Senate Republican leaders have rejected the measure. Mnuchin has put forward a counter offer totaling about $1.5, trillion on Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern Fox News in case You are keeping track, the federal government's fiscal year ended yesterday. 2020. A year of record spending won't know the total. $6 trillion on voting. Democrats lining up to say the president is trying to undermine the election. Pennsylvania's Lieutenant governor John Fetterman, the latest trust, We have a clear quite now, where is chaos is the objective? To create and undermine Chaos to historic the confidence that we haven't mail in voting, and Prince painted Federman saying mail in voting in Pennsylvania 100% secure. Of course, there's been problems with in person voting in Philadelphia already, of course, the president, he says, the Democrats trying to rig the election moving in towards an all male in system. Some shepherd all high school varsity and J V football games going to be cancelled after several members of the team coaches tested positive for covet. So the next two games the teams scheduled to play off the books for now, the team in a quarantine for the next 14 days on Wall Street Today, the Dow finished up 35 points to close at 27,816. Could you look at traffic.

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