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All its forms. Learn more at Ford foundation dot org's And from the listeners of KQED. It'll be dry and seasonably cool through early next week. Forecast high for San Francisco tomorrow, a 62 Oakland should hit a Thursday high of 64 in San Jose expected high of 65 tomorrow. This is fresh air. I'm Terry Gross. Over the past few months. I haven't been able to listen to as much music as I'd like, because so much of my listening time has been devoted to shows and podcasts about politics. The election. And Cove it But when I do listen to music, really good music. I feel especially vulnerable to the mood, whether it's joy or sadness, and that's how I felt when I listen to the new album by Loudon, Wainwright and Vince Giordano of songs from the 19 twenties and thirties. It's the period Yordano typically draws from with the 11 piece band. He leads the Nighthawks. During normal times. The band attracts devoted followers who come to listen and dance. He plays tuba base and bass saxophone. This is not the music you'd associate with Loudon Wainwright, who's best known for writing and performing his own songs, which range from confessional songs about family dysfunction to satirical songs about politics and other issues. His Children include singer songwriters Rufus and Martha Wainwright and Lucy Wainwright, Roach, and they sometimes write songs about family to Loudon, Wainwright and Vince Giordano previously worked together on the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, which was set during Prohibition and was about Gangsters who made bootleg liquor and who served it in nightclubs in Atlantic City. Giordano and his band performed a lot of the music for the show. Loudon Wainwright, saying a couple of the songs the title track of their new album, I'd Rather lead a band is a song from the Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers movie. Follow the fleet. The album also features songs by Rodgers and Hart, Fats Waller, Harold Arlen Frank, Lesser and others. Vince Giordano and Loudon Wainwright are joining us from the hobo Sound studio in New Jersey, where they're socially distanced in separate rooms. They brought their instruments and are going to perform some songs for us, But let's start with a track from the album that may help brighten your mood. If you're feeling down, it's called so the bluebirds and the Blackbirds got together..

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