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I wasn't cool with Steven from the standpoint of that was one I would've traded at John with scripts John would scream it and say, you can't trade. You don't get a call. Right. You know, what I'm left, right? I got milk, hyper to bring up the word cool. They wanna his responses. I love it. I love good coffee in the bathroom. I've copy. Who says you don't why you could say cool 'cause you're cool. So So I I got got a a cat. cat. I I will say I will tell you this. You are my friend, and I will say this about a furrow Farrell is a good football player. He be great is a pass rusher with forty time. It's probably rented five flat range. I doubt that. But will play the Ron. He's got length. John hurt and loves lane and football players on the defensive side of the ball furrow has lanes. He's a great kid. He's a hard worker you'll be solid at but the rest of their draft shake services a heck of a running back. We know what Abram kazoo he's a heterogeneous striker, and he's really good bullets Ray times out his blitz perfectly. He'll be a really good player. I think max Crosby was a really good fourth round pick. I like with the raiders did. And I said I said yesterday I said it today, I think the raiders can win that division. I think they can be team that really steps up Steven A and does a heck of a job. So I'm big on Jon Gruden and might make in the raiders, I think they're going to be one of the most proteins. So the NFL this year, I'm a huge accountable for that Mel kiper junior. And I don't get to hold you kind of a mutt. Because the anthrax, but I'm going to hold you on that one. Listen man before you get on outta here. We don't know I'm a Steelers fan. And I love the fact that they moved up ten spot the grab Devon Bush out of Michigan at number ten over all that trade. That's what what the Denver Broncos. What did you think about the Steelers electing this kid? The pick is only stays healthy, you know, and works through and gets through the long NFL season. Love the pick at the Ontario ons. And Toledo think he's a guy that could be a star in this league. Trust the lane the cornerback. You kind of brings back memories. I'm sure.

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