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Frank straight. News Radio seven eighty five point nine FM. According to Chicago police woman who caused a crash on lower Wacker drive that left a girl who was almost two years old dead had no driver's license. No insurance and was high on drugs again. That's according to police, the twenty nine year old woman was issued five tickets among them DUI and failure to yield the right of way, the twenty three month old girl Maria Glenn was not in a child seat and was thrown from the car and died less than an hour later Tribune reports the twenty nine year old was behind the wheel traveling west in the first block of west lower Wacker when it turned to head east. She was hit by an SUV traveling east which had the green light the little girl was rushed to Lurie children's hospital where she died the woman charged and a twenty nine year old man in her car were taken in serious condition to northwestern hospital, the people in the SUV declined medical attention. A man died in an extra alarm. I'm fire that started on the northwest side this morning. The blaze started on the upper level of a three story brick apartment building in the forty eight hundred block of north Hutchinson. And we note here that that is a corrected address for that fire the fire which was elevated to an extra alarm tore through at least one apartment on the top level. Andy left who lives nearby tells WBZ 'em. What he saw when the fire broke out. He says he knocked on doors to alert people in the building they were grabbing.

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