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To use cash to get over the bay bridge he will switch to all electronic tolling before that can happen work needs to be done and it stars tonight we have to remove some of the told those to do that we have to cut all planes three four and five Maryland Transportation Authority director Jim ports as some traffic will be diverted to lanes one and two other traffic to lane six through eleven still he says he doesn't expect traffic the starlet too badly a man is facing charges over accusations he charged the cockpit door during a flight from DC to New Jersey the outburst happen on the United express flight last week police say Matthew Dingli got out of his seat ran to the cockpit door and started pounding on it a flight attendant tried to stop him but they only allegedly turned his attention to her and started beating her passengers intervene and subdue the twenty eight year old allowing the flight to land without incident six police officers were also hurt when they scrap wittingly while arresting him after the plane landed a milestone in Virginia for the real ID program the Virginia department of motor vehicles says more than a million residents now have their real ID complied driver's license or identification card the program began in twenty eighteen in the hopes of getting everyone to have the updated identification card by October first of this year which is the federal deadline real ID will be necessary by that date if you're flying anywhere in the country you will also still be able to use a U. S. passport passport card and some military ID's Maria leaf on WMAL and WMAL dot com topsy the Baltimore was handed a twenty eight to twelve lost by the Tennessee Titans at M. and T. bank stadium last night the Titans now go on to play Kansas city which dominated Houston this afternoon fifty one to thirty one W. I. mail news time is seven oh four now WMAL traffic and weather from the how these carpet traffic's three ninety five north bound and very that save the to a serious accident for drivers approaching seminary round three of your right lanes blocked with traffic eking by on only that farm left shoulder you will be all stop no go with traffic out across the coming into little river turnpike trying to pass this incident also capitol beltway recovering from an out of the bank today right I was not going to happen now the good news is that accident has been cleared after also previously blocking three of the right lane for.

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