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Steelers are going to be facing off against dallas cowboys. Three to three and a half hours later the final score. The game will be thirty. Four to twelve in favor of the pittsburgh steelers of course and here go. I am now turning this over to the live chat for you all to throw your scores out there notice. We didn't have anyone answer to for a while because they were waiting for me to put that out there so if you already had it in there before go ahead and put it out there again because i thirty four so you think only field goals for analysis or do you think. Goals dallas The steelers score four touchdowns two field goals we punt. The ball wants it most. And you say you said thirty four to twelve. Yes and your son has kyle has thirty four. Seventeen k j hicks has fifty two fourteen. Okay this is jumping okay. So here we go. Double h h says the d. will have seven to nine sacks. I don't know that i'm gonna go that far. I it really depends on what quarterback ends a planet. It's it's going to be interesting but it that could happen. That's why it's a hard game to bet on because you don't know who's cornerback in about dusk thunder nine twenty eight to nothing steelers. Oc km's says thirty five. Nothing shutout those trump's. I could see that i'm not. You guys are going to have to wait to see what i say on thursday. A christopher has thirty eight to three though h h did put a score up there thirty to nine and then he said about the sax donald nolan. Thirty eight to ten steelers. All all i mess it up. Oh okay s thirty thirty two nine isaiah ramirez thirty one twenty one. You think you think that the cowboys was a put up twenty one points. I don't. I don't see unless unless quarterbacks looking pretty good k. Marquess thirty five to ten steelers. Pittsburgh has thirty two three now. We get to our law. Our live chat are super chat from a friend of the show. Isaac aguilera who donated the juju smith schuster jersey for forgive way that we had before five dollars tip jar. We thank you for that. Because i need the steelers to slap the dog. Crap out of the ravens thanksgiving. I'm tired of the narrative. The steelers aren't what their record indicates. I mean yeah. That's that's interesting. You know what we'll get to that game that's going to be crazy. That game doesn't mean as much now. When i like it because of what the steelers sunday. Let's make sure we look past these next three. Because i mean they don't play any one with a winning record the next three game the steelers. Do you know after the cowboys. They got the bengals who looked i mean. They took it to the retook it to tightness not a lot of people out of the survivor pull. We're down to forty three people in the survivor pool and it would have been under thirty if the giants would pulled off that win on monday night. So moving onto felicia who has forty one to nine. I liked that we all ryan has forty two to ten. He's like no way should should even scored in the thirties for this massacre. The thing is is if you know the steelers they could get up and they could just slow it down. That's gotta think of it. You say control run less plays because with every play run. There's another chance of on horseback leading to get twenty scores. Twenty eight to six. Were killing club clock. I would love to see mason. Rudolph hand the ball off seventeen times in this game. Three carries of taking mini. Okay crease says thirty seven six with a pick six see. That's the thing with a young quarterback that's a chance for more takeaways with steelers there so that that could be huge in this game word. One fifty eight twenty six mingka's already salivating. Yeah ok okay. Mango mattress says all we know. Is that the quarterback will be worse than andy. Dalton do we. That's why i said maybe the line shown the way. When do we That they're supposed to be worse than andy. Dalton that's what we'll say okay I- success thirty eight nothin. Show america the steelers of the world steam. I liked that one. Paul says forty one. Seventeen Jay hicks gave a score to start reset. Bengals score four. Td's the offense make a big jump will be considered top ten after this game. I don't want to leave the offense to be top ten. I'm lead the defense to be top ten. I need the steelers to be top one. That's what i wanna to see in k. As we're saying bud but with two sex as says nelson gets his third pick Donald was to know why. No one could say this name right. That i can't. I haven't watched that movie in forever novel. That's probably why. I can't can't get that right so here. We go ali. Here's your score. Yes steelers one hundred. Thirty three dallas to mason rudolph at the end ends up taking a safety love it. I love it It seems like a lot of the scores. Were getting other predictions coming in but a lot of the scores dried up. That's good 'cause we are past time. It's been a great time a great show. I really wanna revel in this ravens win. But i'm i'm scared about giving about not giving the due diligence that a match up that you just hear pittsburgh steelers. Dallas cowboys deserves. You know doesn't matter that they're down if if this was two thousand nineteen when the cowboys were doing all right. And the steelers were having a down down situation with their offense because the quarterback situation this would be like off. We win if you beat the cowboys. Some same deal gone the other way round. Steelers have to stay focused. Stay focused make history on sunday. You think that's how good you rich. Yeah i just wanted to make sure that they do what they need to do. So that i can come back and breathe in. That's we smell victory. Yeah that ex- exactly exactly we won't.

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