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Mark. Yeah. I don't get it. I just remembered because hearing you talk about it that way. I know what started the conversation. We were talking about the Tom Cruise most motion smoothing committing petty put out for that for mission impossible. No, he came in the director of top gun. I think they were talking about mission impossible. You think they were they did a whole PSA video and released on the internet about how to turn off motion smoothing and your TV, and I was like think is awesome. I'm glad they actually put out this video. I can't fucking stand. Can't stand it either that whenever I go over to someone's house to watch a movie, and they have it on. I'd go. Oh, you guys like this. Like what it's like, you don't notice how Larry smooth. And it's like this weird takes me out of the movie. So who likes it then a bunch of people who like it and tell the turn it off. I'll use it for specific things. I play red dead with it slightly on because slightly on because I'm too close to my TV sometimes where it's like. The the periphery will be really juddering and be like oh. And if I just put it on like three out of ten because it's like a level for it really is a it doesn't it's not distracting to me. It's interesting. And I haven't had a lever for other stuff. I tend off it's like on never put it on a film fixed. It always reminds me of when someone records a movie on their phone or on a video camera. Uploads it like it doesn't look like it almost looks at the call. He's worse that smoothing feature. And I don't like, I know it's probably incorrect and thinking then you watch like sixty f- PS videos that people put up. Yeah. Yeah. Can you watch? I definitely plays. Let's place where sixty F B S if it's from PC man that usually it's video games though. Most most the footage video games, right? Like, what are you shoot? Between the games in. I shoot sixty four K on my phone. Yeah. Sixty video. A sixty f- PS video. I don't mind it. But I definitely notice it when I see it like everything just seems like super super smooth. And it's not necessarily the way I feel about when I see something it's like four K or when high def came out. It was like, oh, that's fucking amazing. That now we have these high def graphics like that. That's incredible. I don't have that same feeling when I see sixty F Bs or like forty eight frames for the hobbit. You know, I wasn't like oh this amazing waiting for this. You know, that was not my reaction. I used to always get us wide Slama guys. But is one sixty f- PS. But it's business division is like mushoo a thousand frames a second that by sixty get a cut up its way foster than if divided by twenty four twenty five. Yeah. I finally saw speaking of like frame rate and stuff like that. I saw spider man finally into this metaverse. Yeah. I still haven't seen. I really want this. And we already bought me you and me I saw it on Saturday. So unless I saw okay good. I said I wanted to but fuck that is a beautiful. It's awesome. Fucking. Greg emotions with him. Won the Golden Globe last night at one it won. It beat incredible to swimming front of your fucking exit. What else did it be? What is the enemy? This year wreck it Ralph two incredible to something else. And then another thing and then spider percents. Another thing. I played really close. I don't watch any fucking award shows. You know, what I found out though, Gavin doesn't watch animated movies. I don't typically really not even like the animatrix. No. I just don't really go foundation in like long form. I think. It's less the CG stuff. More like the handwriting stuff. But I just not these days. I just lose concentration from it like mine king. As a kid. I was fine with it. I feel like as I've gone older. It's like I find it really hard to watch anime or look an animated film. Even like like, you said you never seen the incredible 's which to me is one of the best films animation or not..

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