Jeff Mcneil, Wrigley Field, Pk Hernandez discussed on ESPNews


Get once they realize that they're on the street it's totally opposite of fans we may see that they're on the big board on which party on the two is the year now on the left and Adam. this was the one they were just they put it in exact on and he just. lose distorts dance it everything and look at it you don't look at the screen dancing like because that's what the fans do that's right with the exact stridently they just get on the Hogwarts start this thing they've got it the first thing whoever the exact is that once they see themselves on camera they gotta be surprised and point and be like. and then we have like all my gosh that's me. feel to swing a quiet laugh. PK Hernandez drifting back there to make yeah. stand. for Jeff McNeil nine pitches higher. so that's to Dodgers Juan I chilled with the OS he's not a huge fan of. I want to do it and this. so I would naturally but like there's a part of me that wants to do a game that on TV there'd be a field box where you just sit there and the game is going on and you just follow him wherever he and it's sort of grainy and he's in the pack the sweet Wrigley Field and just it just be the field box that just. and you follow him wherever he went to the sweet. swing and a miss. from the lines a little mini drowning their son son away every discovers discovers it just keeps him on camera. with that type of stuff is just. ms Alonso down three filters on the left side over to buy is excellent. and that one downstairs I was someone I wish they would just you know the media relations person just press the GM and say Hey listen Sunday night baseball national telecast broadcast probably get a. pro Jana look you know couple times when you recognize it just give.

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