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Byline offensive tackle who played his entire thirteen eighteen year career up in Seattle with the seahawks and he was elected to the hall of fame in his first year of eligibility and the sea hawks have retired his number number. Seventy one on also helped ricky watters achieve three consecutive one thousand yard seasons for the seahawks and later paved the way for Shaun Alexander's. NFL Record setting outing success. And he became the first Seahawk Offensive Lineman to play in the pro bowl water. When you hear me say all of those things what impresses you the most just about what you were able to do in pro football Being able to do it for so long saying to put twelve years in and to to have the accolades I say to myself. When I hear I hear would you stand there or go to a van and they say all those accolades delays all? I'll say is that you know I did it. The right way that anybody could go back and look at me and look at. What have I done show and and hopefully that? I can help those those people who say that. I did it the right way. You know I hear most people tell me especially sports People tell me that the respect and admiration that their peers. Here's give him give them as something that means a lot to him and I know Burcin Bury the pro bowl pass rusher said when you say Waller Jones I think of the best tackle I played against in my career. There was nothing he wasn't good at. He had great feet. He was strong as a bull and also very smart way. Wall was one of the stronger guys I ever went up against. If he gets those hands on you can forget it. He was so physically strong and gifted at the same time. Just one of those rare combinations. Nobody really played the game quite like he did. How does it make you feel good matic as a as a I think you say we live out his game by our peers and and this game amos definitely by peers and You know you try to go out there and you know when I became office lobby and I tried to be the best at it and and when I came into this game I had some great Offense alarm has been. I could watch it kind of my game out there Tony Boselli Jonathan Ogden Orlando Pace. So I had some great guys and you know when I got introduced into football by first video my take my coach gave me Epidemic Anti had a had a inscription. No video coach Sean. How to pass that so I'll watch that all the time? So I kinda mimic those guys want to be very consistent and be great at at the left tackle position you know wallner when I think about pro football the skill positions you know they are lot of speed and and individual talent well but when I think about an offensive or a defensive lyman other words attack like yourself is it more physical or is it more mental I would say is more physical I think about it I think for me personally I tell people all the time once you figure out what you're good at you honing your sales I you know I can tell people it can be from like it'd be skies quickness do you but I I learned that my goodness have to be clicking a box so I figured that out early that's what I had to quit at the do it in a quick buck on how the how you get ten yards are you could tell the running my skill set was I got to be good on a quick box guy give me a swim move guy give me anything I gotta be able to respond in a quick burst so that's how I learned to play this game by doing everything in a quick burst because my my my part of my game ain't don't laugh and probably like what five ten seconds at the most so that's Kinda how I try to home in on my field you grew up in Alice Still Alabama. What kind of town was that? A very very small town man You know everybody knew everybody but I think for me personally to Kinda gave me That the the knowledge of family come first and always looking for your family. And if you if you make it you always take your family. So that's something that I learned from coming from a small town so you know just a hard working tile and families. You always took care of home as they're still the billboard on the road leading into the town that says he grew up in Alice. Ville and boy did he grow up. It's definitely there man you know. We got what four inches into the house. House of. They put him at all those interests. That was a very special moment because you never think about. They were growing up. You see that stuff when you're traveling over me to have that in my own town is pretty awesome that you know. They were at a my what I did Playing football so that's pretty cool to see that every time I go on you eight eleven pounds. Fifteen ounces at birth. I think your mother's probably still screaming and your older sister. Beverly said one time when she described you big and beautiful but I know when a child is growing up and they're a big. There's a Lotta taunts from their peers. Everything what was that like for you being a big child. I you know what I didn't have that much problem. I think I come from. A big family was eight of us and actually say a big and beautiful and I was the second to the last Baby Yeah and honestly man. They treated me like a baby so I didn't have to worry about that going up and Kinda uh made me so when I got to school it was pretty easy to deal with with people. I didn't have that issue. I how I got along with everybody so whenever issue where I was the biggest kid on campus. I'm not like that but you know I think I get my credits on my older sister and brothers man they really really took care of me and to this day you know I take them on trips with me. I'll take them everywhere and when they introduced me to their friends and stuff they still that people are saying. Oh that's your professional. Oh Brother Day like stay. But he's still the baby so they stay on. Let me know that. I'm the baby in the bud so it's pretty cool. Though I think I saw all the Muslim Brotherhood for definitely take care of me and those younger years and you know as well as I do Walter when you're really big. Nobody is going to mess with the right exactly. You know what I'm saying. I think about it and I had kids all the time when I meet kids or sometimes you'll meet a kid Sometime bigger than some of the kids in the classroom or something like that a- and all I tried to tell kids to embrace it you know I learnt that a very young age. Brace whatever you know whatever God gives you it and bracing I think a Lotta time with kids. That'd be the hardest thing to do that. Brace who you are the person so I just try to tell them that bracelet of you. You're the biggest person in the room when you walk in that role on the room so I try okay that all the time embrace it and be thankful of what the law of bless you it one of the things that I've always said tough decisions for kids as they're growing up as one and if they're being recruited where they end up playing their bald or sport and the other is in your particular case. Do I stay the full term or do I go to the NFL early early. Tell me about those two decisions and how you came up with them. What decision for me personally was when I was last involved I kinda was in my younger years? Here's I kinda was Kinda then do school where it goes out with the baby so I got mad at my mom. My mom was a single parent so she was. You know we kinda. We've got my eight eight of us and we kinda grew up in section. Four of them was in high school like an elementary school. So my mom worked Tooth and nail to do what she had to do to get the older four four out of high school so and it got me Kinda got mad because she you know she was doing so much. So I kinda rebelled against that it Kinda got held back on a couple of years and an elementary school and then they'll do but then when I got introduced the football you know my last year I football would have been my junior high school so I had to do all this work. They're trying to get the next level and the only school that was that said if I get all my grades and get everything off minute scholarship. So that was Florida state so for me personally. That wasn't a hard decision for me because the state was interested me from day one so I stuck with them. And then you know NFL making that decision to retire wasn't a hard decision. My Mom told me a long time ago. Whatever it says you make? I'm I'm behind you one hundred percent so once. I made that decision man it was. It wasn't hard for me. I kinda like I knew that I gave everything I had been a game of football and I was ready to look forward to you know life after football I was talking to Mike. Holmgren Homerun When he comes down here in town I've known Mike for a very long time and we your name came up and he just talked glowingly about a about you but he did say something that I I thought was interesting and I want to get your perspective on this? He said about you. His quiet leadership and tremendous skills were an inspiration and it was the quiet leadership that cotton attention. Tell me about what he was talking about. more of a I wasn't a Rod. Rod Type Guy. You know I thought like you know I was when I when I got Introduced to the game of football. I was always that your your game represents you and your people if you if you if you go out and do the right way people gonNa Watch you and that's got how play the game. I when I got into the League. My goal was to watch the older guys. Watch how they practice how to prepare. So I learned that from those guys and I felt like if I'm going to do this. I'm not the guy that's going to get up in front of the team. I talked to him. But you know I try to to relate to everybody and I just I just hang out with my office a line guys. I hung out with the. DVD's I hang out with the offense defense guys. So I just wanted to be cool and everybody let everybody know where team and it takes all of us to to make get compensated. So that's the way I wanted to do. I wanted to. I wanted to Leave is apple so I tried to go out and play the game the way it should be played and and try to plan a very high level and trying to stay consistent so when guys go to watch family meal watch game they can say man. I want to do it just like Whoa Dude. What I'm going to speak up? I don't have to say I just have to go out and do my job. You're on another career tracked after years of dominating the other athletes in the national football league. You're into into photography and you said I want people to take me seriously. This is something I really WanNa do. This is something I really want to craft. I'm putting in the work. Hopefully in the end it will turn out to be something special. How did you get hooked on photography? Opportunity presented itself. You know always had the you know the name brand cameras and stuff going. Don't check family vacations. I took pitches but I never looked at it as go. Being able to be on the sideline so opportunity presented itself and you know a lot of times the players have a hard time trying to figure out what they WANNA do after football in for me personally and I haven't been issue for me because you know like you say I'm Quad Gua- leader so I didn't. I wasn't looking for the cameras. I'm not like that so for me. That was an easy transition for me because I always when I was playing I I I made myself okay. Sit at home and do this and do that then then look for that you know. Sometimes they they. They're so so caught up in what's going on all that they're getting pat on the back that sometimes I think that'd be the hardest transition but you know if you can find something that you can get. You WanNa do that really you know you have. I have to find something that you can train yourself and say I want to learn everything I can't about that. And that gives you that motivation every day when you wake up so for me. It gives me motivation. I want to do understand the things that you have to just not just picking up a camera and taking pitchers in you know for me. I have my hat off to the sounders to Seattle sounders. I forgive him the opportunity to go out and take pictures in the opportunity to to meet other got in other professions. To kinda see. How did they prepare for me and gave me a whole new aspect watching other professors? And I'll get a chance to go to the manners and stuff. Just watch those guys and feel guy prepare and get ready for the game and they're no different different for me and how I prepare rating so I'm hoping that opportunity presents itself but you know I don't speak on it too much because it's something that I really want to get. Yeah no and learn just letting the cameras a lot of work but if the opportunity presents itself I wanna be on the marriage not just by what I did on the football field Walter Alter we have a couple of minutes left but you know photography for something. It's still was fairly easy but when you're talking about motion like you have in sports. How did you develop the eye for photography? I think the hardest part is just not being into the game you know..

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