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Of the Berlin Wall why this former Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff pop up in conversations about the Berlin Wall because of this German photographer Daniel biscuit says Hasselhoff song looking for freedom was in early nineteen eighty nine hit on both sides of the wall but resonated particularly in the east the song was about this freedom that's a believe in freedom and that was kind of symbols was the first song off the wall fell in November nineteen eighty nine a few weeks later at new year's celebrations there was David Hasselhoff David what do you want to come exactly near to the run okay what do the four freedoms and it was the dream of former east German activists ciber chapter says the song was encouraging but don't give it too much credit he had only if it has the hopeful Ronald Reagan didn't tear down the wall there was a David Hasselhoff nor me here was the citizens of these Germany with their protest so thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall what we know now that might not have been evident then completely changed the geography of Europe right by having a United Germany the nation says Georgetown university's Angela stent now the economic and political power house of the European Union effects ricocheted into Russia to stance touches on that in her new book Putin's world German unification of the fall of the wall precipitated a series of other events in Eastern Europe which brought the down fall of the Soviet bloc and ultimately I think contributed to what's the collapse of the Soviet Union itself Germany's culture minister Monica creatures told me the U. S. and then president George H. W. bush played a key role in encouraging the two Germanies to reunite was close not to me to not make is that John bush who said okay I would support this process and two with two ideas of the constitution of America into our constitution and then we also the German from is Germany may you buy a tape join our constitution and not make two different ones beside it are they and then they said yeah so called freaky dream vacation former east German Jakob Teala uses the term so called because rather than merging to equal nations re unification was achieved by incorporating five east German states into what had been West Germany thirty years out economic conditions in those eastern states still lag behind those in the west again your concealer says some frustration of the people have no or the work center is law and then we have a lot of resurgence Angelus standing knowledges the continuing economic disparities but suggests an additional because of growing anti democracy anti immigrant sentiment in eastern Germany the eastern part of Germany never confronted really what happened during the **** period the communists then came in their understanding of their own history in their own identity was very warped by living on that you know a totalitarian system and then a pretty authoritarian system for a long time former east German activists seek birch after Vietnam vans and a policeman I know we have massive problems but I don't want anything from back in the days of these Germany nothing at all to make a million people under arms one shot was fired in nineteen eighty nine yeah we destroy the dictatorship he and culture minister group Sherrin amazement that in an environment that had been so militarized the events of November nineteen eighty nine played out peacefully that's why we are a little bit fraud in our terrible history to have these please for moments as well history that York winger points out as seen Germany reinvents itself four times in just a hundred years in Germany when from monarchy to fail to mark Chrissy to fascism and communism and a successful democracy I don't know how many countries have been through so much change you've been listening to thirty years after the fall the legacy of the Berlin Wall I'm Chas Henry reporting from Berlin special thanks to producers past Piper and John Stoll nous its production supervisor Kevin Delaney are executive producers parts Tessler and this is west would one new make.

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