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And another quarterfinal match in the women's raw topsy to actually Barney moves on to the semis with a dominating trait said win over 21st ranked American Jessica pegula Coming up later 7 sea ego fiance is taking on kaia kanepi in another quarterfinal match The NFL network reports that saints said coach Sean Payton is stepping away up to 16 years in New Orleans The 58 year old could take a job in broadcasting as networks have shown considerable interest Finally the ravens and head coach John Harbaugh are closing in on a contract extension as a 59 year old heads into the final year of his current deal Arbo has built the ravens for 14 seasons and has made the playoffs at 9 of those years I'm the enforcement that your Bloomberg world sports op day Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day at Bloomberg dot com The Bloomberg business out and at Bloomberg quick take This is a Bloomberg business flash Hi everybody 17 minutes past the hour We update markets every 15 minutes on Bloomberg radio So a stealth rally earlier this morning it looked like we would be mixed to slightly lower but the hanxing index is now up about 9 tenths of 1% We're seeing technology rebound in the Hong Kong market hang tank tech index up 1.8% Tencent is up one and two thirds percent Alibaba up a little more than 1% The CSI 300 is up two thirds of 1% and we see gains in Taiwan in Singapore and also in Seoul The one market that is lagging behind is Tokyo the nikkei off about a third of a percent but that's so well off the worst levels of the day You have to say that the yield on the ten year treasury the bond market the treasury bond market is pretty steady here And also looking at the dollar it's also pretty steady The Bloomberg median forecast for interest rate hikes this year at the moment is three and so everybody would be watching traders be looking to see how hawkish the fed sounds in the fight against high inflation Both over the rate hikes and then really what happens with holding a treasury Do they go so far as to make some comments about quantitative tightening or do they put that off in which case the markets would probably rally All right that is a check of markets the time now 18 and a half minutes past the hour Let's get to it back through San Francisco for news All right thank you very much Brian China is now offering Hong Kong help to ramp up mass testing to try and blunt the home across outbreak Critics in Hong Kong are now saying that the quarantine facilities have become a spreading ground for COVID.

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