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Was at the New England Sports Center, which is a temporary home of the Providence Bruins because the Providence Dunkin Donuts Center is being used as a covert a makeshift hospital. So the in the first. I mean the first goal of the game came from Edwardsburg. Trail marks, he got his first goal from Nick Woolf and Tommy cross. That was the 2nd. At 6:55 and trademarks is a new addition to the Providence Bruins team. He came from the University of Maine is actually best friends with Jeremy swimming. I think they will all yeah. I think they will all him in Eric Shea, I believe all roommates and they do off YouTube channel. I know. Yeah. Well they did until two of them went out. So yeah, it was pretty cool, but they're really close together and so on and and speaking of swimming and walking trail marks. Shout out to the University of Maine Alum and particularly the Gendron family for the loss of read the head coach of the the main black bears passed away on Friday out playing golf. Yeah, that's such a bad such a tough story and read with such a good guy. I didn't know him personally, but I took He wanted to like have an opportunity to get him on the stream and talk to him about Trail marks and swim in but unfortunately that's not going to happen. So thoughts and prayers go out to the Gendron family and the Humane anybody that he touched was just I'm just reading so much about how much of an impactful person he was. So he's going to be a tremendous loss. Yeah, I was super sad. You never want to see that anytime. We lose somebody in the hockey Community whether it has to do with our franchise or not. You hate to see at these like you said earlier than the humans all playing the game we love and we just I just wish there his family the best and you know, it's just unfortunate absolutely. Well said getting back to game in the third period at the 17 minute Mark Brady Lyle who's having a an unbelievable season down at Providence in his rookie year out of the Ontario hockey league with the Owen Sound attack. He gets a power-play goal from Oscar Steen and Cooper is Zack and that wraps it up from the New England Sports Center as the Providence Bruins beat the Bridgeport sound tigers by the score to 2-1. Kyle. Kyle gets his when he's been really good. I'll talk about how good he is. But in the previous two games, he's he's to know but he took a suffering loss yesterday, but he stopped dead six and twenty seven and yeah, it was a pretty decent game and I don't like this. I don't like to schedule because this American Hockey League schedule is so spread out. It's oh, yeah, but basically almost a week later yesterday at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut, the Providence Bruins traveled to play the Wolfpack and they lost six to one page was a not a good game. Kyle Kyser was in the net and he gave up all six goals. I felt bad for him. There is a new goaltender. That's I believe signed in Eighty. Oh wow. To be with the team as a backup spagnoli. I think that's his name. I'm not sure I did some research on this guy and I.

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