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Bees do see color in fact honeybees as determined by Carl Frisch Way Back in the nineteen thirties learn very well blues especially Greens yellows and they distinguished contrast color shapes patterns all kinds of things visually they can see polarized light so compared to honeybees commissions quite different so we see Roy Deep Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo violet typically and we have a bias obviously humans I think anthropocentric so we ignore the infrared and beyond or the altar violent and beyond for the most part so who sees in those either short or long wavelengths and there are a lot of organisms a lot of non human animals that do some say that the butterfly some applies may have the widest range of color vision from reds into ultraviolet honeybees a little bit limited relative to the the average butterfly where at least some tests suggests that they see ultraviolet which is beyond what we see into maybe oranges and not really reds so typically won't see bees honeybees visiting red hummingbird feeders or visiting red flowers if you see honeybees visiting red flag I it's probably because the reflecting patterns in the ultraviolet which we don't detect but you put an ultra violet camera on one of those flowers and it's landing strips going down the corollas down the pedals into the nectar sources of these flowers whereas maybe a butterfly this is a part of mate selection or something NBA because of the varied colored the wings it can be have having a little more distinctive I then you know who's really got the the hottest wings in town Astute point because the honeybee is not going for colors for reasons of mate selection there are all kinds of mottled brownish butterflies full gamut I mean you've got basically the secondary sexual apparatus in the form of these colorful wings flapping around gaudily they're using it sometimes for camouflage sometimes for startle response sometimes APO Semitism warning coloration I'm toxic in the case of Monarch Butterfly is who will forget a yellow black white right nobody nobody that's right with one nasty taste of sequestered milkweed booze one another bite of a of a monarch viceroy for that part now but as you said sexual selection can play a huge role this well so I guess I'm a little still stuck on the brain parasite honey it's one of my favorite con all just talking about the Mortis APPs aunt's getting affect it and going onto the trees and wonderful so bs some stuff like that going on Oh yeah I mean every parasite has its own parasite so you bet now thinking of course that fungus can burst the head capsule of an aunt or basically any part of certain insects there are a delicacy in some parts of the world and that could be a segue into at least one part of what we might discuss cultural entomology how insects humans and half throughout the world and across span of time yeah we're going to definitely get to that we also need to do a sleep I still have a couple questions because do I wasn't expecting to in here and you just threw it at me while one you know there's things that get in in B.'s parasites that that Dr Bs behavior do you think that bees have somehow may be infected you and now this obsessed person I would be an easy host let me tell you it'd be totally easy oh so so I walk in so this is this is in a little extra effort into heaven the glass the observable high is you're looking in there and you're in you're going look this Waigel dance Oh this in I was actually kind of I wasn't surprised that you could easily identify a waigel dance but the ease of which you are able to be like look this guy found a source girl the sorry this this girl I it's like when you say you guys there's girls and Paul the whole patriarchy confessing my own mind but but but you you look and you go you go this lady over here's waggling around to this food source that was that was a completely different direction to this lady's waggling and they were they were equal distance you you had a sense of the direction you you had a sense of the distance you are a beeper your ear officially are your part B. now you can easily be on Abi decoder a waggled unstick odor and classic.

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