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Carol Channing one said she had no real eyelashes because she glued false ones on so many times her most famous role was Dolly Levi in Hello Dolly. And she originated the role of Laura lie. Leeann Broadway for gentlemen, prefer blondes. That's where she got her. Other signature song diamond giant euros based Channing said in a nineteen Ninety-four AP interview. She was forever. Grateful for those two roles. I got to play to Lady Macbeth of the American musical theater. Deans were enough to be grateful for a lifetime. I'm Archie zaraleta? Many food safety inspections carried out by the food and Drug administration have been halted because of the government shutdown, but as AP's Jackie Quinn reports inspections of some of the riskiest food products will resume as early as Tuesday. There had been a brief interruption in the inspections of food items like produce cheese and infant formula considered riskier than packaged foods. And now FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says they're bringing back about one hundred fifty employees to check those foods employees who will be unpaid. The agency says it's inspections of imported foods and the monitoring for contamination have not been interrupted. Neither were the meat poultry and eg inspections which are done by the agriculture department. Jackie Quinn, Washington. U S secretary of state. Mike Pompeo's, tried to explain President Trump's tweet threat against NATO ally Turkey is AP correspondent Ben Thomas reports. His comments Monday came during a trip aimed at easing concerns about the US withdrawal from Syria. We've applied sanctions in many places around the world is Sumi. Speaking about those kinds of things that you'd have to ask him that was secretary of state. Mike Pompeo's response when reporters asked him to clarify, President Trump's tweet threatening to devastate Turkey, economically, if they hit the Kerr's just two days earlier Pompeo had a lengthy conversation with his Turkish counterpart after which he expressed confidence that an agreement could be reached to protect Kurdish forces who've been fighting with the US against the Islamic state group president he says Trump's call for twenty miles safe zone between Turkish forces and the Kurds is consistent with what the US is trying to achieve just Demark's the importance that we place on this. Ben Thomas, Washington. Bar on Russia..

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