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Hey, this right here is why I don't like what? Right Where? Right here. This story right in front of me. What is it? The story right? My hands. Well, read it. Wish. TV. The pretty university basketball team was forced to board a second flight on Monday night after their first charter plane to the Tuesday game in Maryland had to make an emergency landing in Indianapolis. What sort of emergency landing Well, it doesn't go into intimate detail, but the team was heading from West Lafayette, the Baltimore when the plane experienced mechanical issue, like, See if they were on a bus that could just put Over to the side of the road and said second bus come get us and carrying us away. Well, they did exactly that. It sounds like in an airplane, right? Yeah. What if they hadn't been able to make the emergency landing? They did for now. You know what? You should do what you should get on. Take talk. No, no. There is a pair of their twin pilots and they fly together. The women pilots, airmen mail pile. Well, I'm out. But their whole account is set up for people exactly like you who have all kinds of phobias about flying. And so they go through like the common things that people are most afraid of, and they tell them here is why you don't need to be afraid has been really helpful for me because I don't love flying. I mean, I'll do it. Obviously, I'm not as fearful as you are, but I don't like it and there's a lot of things that scare me to death. And so they calm me down. I usually watch their stuff like right before I take a flight on like, what about the turbulence? Like, what does that mean? And then I'll listen to their videos about turbulence. So a couple of follow up questions on this. Let's say you were on a plane that had to make an emergency landing. Would you be OK getting on another plane and continuing on your journey? Are you like This flight is so cursed. I'm out. No, I would get on. I'd get on a new plane. And in fact, I've gotten on planes. This happened to me Just going to Tucson Over Christmas. There was a delay on my way back. I was leaving Tucson and there was a delay getting on the plane because of mechanical difficulties on and so they were like we have to fix these before we allow you to get on the plane, and I still got on the plane and went so that would would be the next question. This plane here. Let's say they landed, They said We fixed it. Let's go. Would you be comfortable staying on that plane? Oh, Johnny. Tough guy. Not so tough anymore, huh? It depends on the mechanical issue like it wasn't something is an engine related, Or is it like the windshield wiper doesn't work they have of landing. An emergency landing of the windshield wiper doesn't work mock. Well, maybe it's a lavatory issue You don't ever really know this isn't Tommy boy and also don't think it's an issue with the bathroom. I think there's something serious that they require the plane to make an emergency landing. Hence the word emergency. It was just, you know, out of oil. You just don't know if it was an easy fix or not Oil like a jiffy Lube. Pull over the jiffy Lube up. Yeah, Okay. Brandi just needed to check that dipstick. Yeah, that's all damage joke. You're gonna love this one. This one came on our voicemail. Why was the snow smiling? I don't know why I was the snow smiling. Saw the snow blower coming. Oh, yeah. There you go. Very good. Right up your alley. We actually got this one from our boss. David, would this next story? Oh, yeah. This is a good one from Yahoo, a public high school teacher in San Francisco named Ingrid's sire Oci. Wrote an op ed for the San Francisco Chronicle that appeared on Sunday and went quickly. Viral has an objection to the quote, privileged white privilege, male privilege and class privilege symbolized by Bernie Sanders, choice of a relatively casual Burton snowboarding jacket and repurpose wool mittens. Can you believe that? This is a thing? She's mad of the Bernie Mim. I'm of him bundled up with looking angry. Yeah, she's claiming that is privileged white privilege male privilege in class privilege. It's just It's the epitome of all of the privilege, she says, because And her rationale for this because I was like, what in the world. How do you get privilege out of this ridiculous get up, And she says it's because ah woman would not be allowed to dress that casually to dress down that much at an inaugural event which I call Bs on. Would you like to read the meter? Read the quote, please. What did they see? They saw a white man in a puffy jacket and huge mittens, just it not only in his social distancing but in his demeanor and attire. What did I see? What did I think My students should see. Ah, wealthy, incredibly well educated and privileged white man showing up for perhaps the most important ritual the decade in a puffy jacket and huge mittens. And Well, if Bernie Sanders deserves whatever he gets, so I'm not wondering what he's getting is like piles and piles of money from capitalizing on this whole thing Well, and to his credit, I believe that, at least on his in the he has donated most of it to of charity meals on wheels to help poor people, which is great. It's how capitalism actually works, Bernie You get to make money off of stuff that people want. And then you can use it for your own purposes. Whether those are altruistic or otherwise. I love this quote. I don't know many poor working class or female or struggling to be taken seriously. Folk who would show up at the inauguration of our 46 president dressed like Bernie? Yeah, they locked down the capital. Regular people can't get in. Hello. But I mean, that's her point is completely nonsense. If a woman wanted to wear that exact get up, people would make fun of her exactly like they're doing with Bernie. It would be like equal opportunity mockery. That's how the world works. It wouldn't be like she would be seen out. She wouldn't be allowed to attend. Her whole argument is preposterous. Just one more thing that's making me furious today. Boy, you are rolling so mad today and so many things. What is new Year? New Year's at the thing? What's going on over here? Well, it's February. This is the worst month of the entire U Look. Valentine I love Valentine's Day. That's the saving grace of out of February but February as a month Sucks, because it's you know, it's like the dead of winter. It's like the wintry ist of winter months, and it's when it's gray all the time. And I just hate February. Uh, Can we switch gears here? Yes. Did you know Jenna Jameson is 46 years old? Well, you told me that And I guess I thought like she was actually a little older. Really? Not because she looks bad. I'm not saying that. I just thought she was a little I thought she was close to my age..

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