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Had that happen to me a lot. Oh i got the only. I don't really. I don't know is there. Is there any values to just meeting someone or shaking the hand and say i had a brief interaction with such and such. Oh i got you got. You got to have one at it. I wasn't expecting to turn around. Arnold schwarzenegger is right there. Like walking into the room as a like literally. I'm bumping into him. And i forget he's like where they're like it's a buffet table and just like uncomfortably said Oh yeah he was like. Oh yeah the food's over there deserts over there. And i just like walked off awkwardly one though i have the best one in the world So the rock always drives himself to fight this a cool and so like i do a show whatever ideal fang. I wasn't very good that night. It's made me and dimitris johnson. We're doing all the purple couch. I'm like frustrated. People are like not getting where they're supposed to be. There's a hold up. And i'm just trying to get like me into mitri us out of there just to relieve some of the damn congestion in the back. Something happened in the fight. To so like there's just a cluster. Right in the back house you know. And so i'm knocking on cars. Hey you here griffin johnson. Hair your jobs. So i'm not i don't even look i say hey are you here for griffin and johnson. I look over. It's the rock and ghost. I could be. And then. I saw that he like recognized who i was and then i just like. I didn't know what to do. I was just like wendy shock and the funny thing is my daughter. Had like a mwana themed birthday like right later and i should actually said. Hey just real quick and say from you. Know from who africa's characters name but we watch a movie thousand times and i was like. Oh sorry sorry wrong. Car just like quickly walked up. You missed you too. He was ready to talk to me. He's like hey did it. I was like oh. She's been like. I'll take in right now. Mr rock no. He was like what could be. But that's a cool derivative of being in the business and that's like one of those moments where you like cheese. That was a cool moment. I mean i could just embarrassed myself in front of a person who wasn't famous but instead i embarrassed myself to really famous person. That's much better. You know. I think. I think stuff like that like i know what you're getting at before like does that add value to your life. It's not about value to your life. It's more about like that was a cool interaction. Because i'm i chose this path. I got to have that ax of cool stories. Tell it a bar i guess. Yeah a lot of barroom stories right. I think so i don i. I think i have good dinnertime conversation. I'm not quite if somebody started telling the stories. Like i'm telling you i'm be like oh you're dropping stuff everywhere. Yeah you do. But that's what this show is. The show is the place you need like a cooler. All those this is the spot to drop it all. Okay people wanna know people want to know what you run into an because people think it might be more glamorous than it is people like walking around there in this fifty buck naked. Chicks running around you know they. They don't understand. What's the cool factor. It is like i know like triple h and those guys were walking around in there the other day. That's fucking cool like he was freaking hilarious. I didn't know that. I had like a positive like i didn't. I wasn't one way or the other..

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